Audionet Pre G2 Preamp Review

If you look at CD specifications, the bandwidth of 44.1 kHz decoding is 20 kHz, SACD sampling is 2.822 MHz, and the bandwidth of decoding playback is 100 kHz. The bandwidth of Audionet Pre G2 is actually 20 times higher than DSD specifications. Furthermore, the low frequency is very powerful, starting at 0 Hz for DC cross-connections and 2 Hz for AC cross-connections, the Pre G2’s frequency response specification is without a doubt the best in the world and difficult to beat.

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Because of the super high-frequency response, even if PCM or DSD has evolved to 2x, 4x, or even 8x ultra-high frequency bandwidth algorithms, Audionet Pre G2 Preamplifier can still handle them. If you don’t care much about the quality of music reproduction, a large bandwidth is really unnecessary, but if you are a Hi-End audiophile and dream of perfect music reproduction, then Audionet Pre G2 is definitely the top preamp you should pay attention to. The majority of them are given full bandwidth in analog amplification to fully exploit the performance of advanced digital sources.

To put it another way, if you have a supercar beast with over 500 horsepower, but you only drive it downtown, it must be very boring. However, if you drive it on the highway, you will know how good the performance is, and the ultra-high bandwidth Pre G2 is the highway of the top sources. When you have an ultra-high specification sublimation processing DAC, playing a high-resolution digital music source, the Pre G2 can achieve great sound performance.

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When I bought the Pre 1, Audionet already had the first generation of the Pre, which looked very similar to the Pre G2, the difference being in the configuration of the buttons and knobs. I actually compared the Pre 1 to the Audionet Pre G2, and eventually bought the Pre 1, not because the Pre was not good enough, but because I couldn’t afford it, so the high-end Pre remained an unfulfilled dream for many years.

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After years of listening to the Pre G2, it felt like I was transported back to my youth, when I was a young man with a limited budget and a desire to pursue Hi-End audio, rushing around to audio stores and asking the proprietor to play music so I could try out the equipment, but I was not able to buy it.

Pre G2 with new materials, the screen should be more durable than the previous Pre 1, at least I have used for many years, Pre 1 can still function normally, proving that Audionet machine is very durable. However, because early LED technology was not as powerful, the display screen of the red characters became dull, a little difficult to see clearly, but Audionet Pre G2 with new materials, the screen should be more durable than the previous Pre 1, at least I have used for many years, Pre 1 can still sing normally, proving that Audionet’s product has equivalent good quality.

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The Pre G2 looks like a Pre 1 preamp that is twice as large, and the industrial design elements have remained consistent for years. The Audionet Pre G2 is an Audionet device that relies on classic design elements that have been around for years. It is an Audionet device that relies on classic design elements that have been around for years.

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For many years, the Pre G2 was Audionet’s flagship preamp, until the STERN preamplifier came along and took its place.

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Audionet constantly improve the performance of their own equipment, but does not change the model, or adjust the price, we may say Audionet does not know how to do business, but this kind of sincerity to consumers is truly heartwarming for many audiophiles.


The Audionet  pre-G2 amplification line used a dual-mono design, with each channel having its own 110 VA toroidal transformer. The left and right channels are not only separate amplification lines but also separate power supplies. The dual-mono design is intended to improve channel separation so that the left and right channels do not interfere with one another. The better the channel separation, the better the performance of the stereo music, with more cohesive audio and better positioning. On the other hand, if the channel separation is not good enough, the audio and video will easily drift left and right, cohesion is insufficient, and the sound field positioning is also more blurred.

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The key technologies of the Pre G2 may be familiar to many audiophiles, such as the Audionet-Ultra-Linear-Amplifier (ULA) and Audionet Operation Amplifier (OP) designed by the family, from which the ULA ultra-limited amplification line is derived from medical-grade equipment, because Audionet bought Bochum University’s medical measurement engineering department and then used the related technology to design the audio, a preamp that has been on the market for years.

The Audionet OP AMP is another core technology of the Pre G2. Some audiophiles look at the OP AMP and say it’s cheap. Indeed, the majority of affordable audio is to buy ready-made OP-AMP back to the pocket line, set a public version is good, but Audionet’s OP AMP is self-designed production, they say the OP AMP on the market can’t meet the So Audionet had to do it themselves.

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The switch is more difficult to operate than a traditional knob. I’m an old audiophile who prefers the old-style gear switching knob because it’s more intuitive and simple. But thankfully, there’s the remote control, which eliminates the need to press additional buttons on the panel and is 100 percent intuitive to use.

Years ago I bought Pre 1, the remote control looks like, most audio equipment remote controls are plastic material, when you get the remote control made of aluminum, not only looks good texture, hold it in the hand is heavy enough to be stable. But it can also be designed to be as a paperweight, I did not expect Audionet to do so.

Sound Performance

For me, the Pre G2 was a new experience; due to the warm tone of the tubes in the M200, the Pre G2’s sound became warmer than the Audionet I remembered. Audionet Pre G2 does not have too much of its own tone feature, but faithfully amplifies the signal, to drive the rear stage.

The Pre G2 is a low-key audio companion that faithfully reproduces the recording’s essence without adding its own sonic flavor.

The Pre G2’s wide bandwidth does not mean that the high frequencies are amplified, but rather that the tone sounds more natural and unpretentious. The open soundstage and subtle mastering noise that can be heard in the era are details of the Audionet Pre G2’s faithful reproduction of the recording, and I know that the musicians feel closer to the orchestra from the M200.

The advantage of having a preamp with large bandwidth and tonal fidelity is that you can listen to music from a wider range of sources.

I listened to the classic rock “Sweet Child of Mine” from Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite For Destruction” vinyl, which features an epic electric guitar intro with a strong and full sound, a bright D chord breakdown Solo, and the warm tone of the M200’s vacuum tubes.

The electric guitar sound is strong and powerful, but it’s not loud. The soundstage is opened up, even more, the scene is bigger, and the high-density sound makes the center of the soundstage full, the standard hard rock power, but does not miss the details of the recording.

The electric guitar Power Chord has a lot of decorative sounds hidden beneath. The more details you hear in the recordings, the more you will understand why these bands are so popular.

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If jazz is good enough, and rock is powerful enough, how about listening to classical music on the Pre G2? Let’s start with a simple one.

The Pre G2 uses a quiet, dark musical background to set off the cello’s audio and video in a cohesive form, delineating clear musical lines, and the contrast between Fourier’s sleek playing and the broken notes, that is, with their own ideas, slower, less flamboyant. But adding a sense of tranquility and stability, less melodramatic, more rational, a dignified and serious appearance, through the Pre G2’s realistic and unobtrusive presentation

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When the orchestra is small, the relative positions of the woodwinds and strings reveal the orchestra’s clear configuration. When the orchestra plays in unison to support the heavy orchestral sound, Pre G2 allows the thick orchestra to come in like an overwhelming attack, enveloping the entire person.

The piano then moves to a powerful jump, and the music becomes unsettling once more. When it comes to music, the Pre G2 delivers not only the real notes but also the orchestra’s intense emotional shifts.

The DG version of Gillies is really bad, the DG digitalization of that era, the tone is a little harder, and encountering Brahms such a difficult piece, if the sound system isn’t good, it’s likely to sound with a sense of frizziness, but encountering with the Pre G2 such a wide bandwidth, and the sound is pure and faithful preamp, even if the technology when the digital conversion isn’t so smooth, Pre G2 can let you Brahms’ romance is enhanced by the interplay of vocal parts and the stacking of musical layers.

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The Audionet Pre G2 uses a neutral sound to make each type of music sound just right. Yes, the preamp does not add its own musical personality. The performance is the personality of the music itself; although the M200 vacuum tube has a warmer coloring, the Pre G2, with its wide natural and transparent sound field, can bring music and people closer together.

As I always tell friends, the goal with an audio system is to make each record sound good, not to listen to which record is particularly good. Pre G2 is a device that allows you to listen to familiar records, and revisit old dreams, but with a lot of details not heard before. You may not think the recording is very good, but with Pre G2 it becomes fantastic.

The Audionet  Pre G2 preamplifier has been with us for a long time, and rather than reproducing more details of the recordings and giving familiar CDs a new lease on life, the Pre G2 allows you to broaden your musical horizons. You can play in the rich hall of music with the Pre G2!