dynaudio emit m30 floorstanding speaker

Dynaudio Emit M30 Review

The Dynaudio Emit series is the latest product from this big Danish speaker factory. The Emit series is Dynaudio’s cheapest and easiest passive speaker. Audiophiles can get 100% high-quality speakers made in Denmark at the most worthwhile price. This time we review is the Emit M30, the only floor-standing speaker in the Emit series, to see if it is worthwhile.

dynaudio emit m30 floor-standing speaker

The new Dynaudio Emit series is the latest model series launched by Dynaudio and is regarded as an entry-level high-end speaker series. It integrates extraordinary technological innovation and performance, and its appearance is very attractive, suitable for almost all power amplifier levels. The high-value Emit model is also good for high-fidelity audio or home theater system applications. The speakers are relatively easy to drive and convenient to place. Emit series cost-effective is unmatched.

The Emit Series

There are four speakers in the Emit series. In addition to the floor speaker, M30 introduced this time, there are two bookshelf speakers M10 and M20, and a center speaker M15 C. The Emit series can be used as a home theater system. Of course, Dynaudio’s professional technology makes M30 a pure two-channel system.

dynaudio emit home theater system

M10 is the most compact model in the Emit series, and it will take you to experience the perfect world of high-end audio. As an entry-level product to experience true high-end sound quality and pure Dynaudio performance, Emit M10 is an ideal compact speaker at the most attractive price.

Emit M20 is a traditional bookshelf speaker model with innovative Dynaudio technology and the most impressive performance. Dynaudio Emit M20 has inherited the long history of Dynaudio, an excellent compact speaker model. Compared with the smaller M10 model, the version of the compact Dynaudio Emit M20 has also been further improved, demonstrating true high-end sound quality and excellent value, and honorably inheriting the great Dynaudio compact speaker design tradition.

Dynaudio Emit M30 is an entry-level Dynaudio floor-standing loudspeaker, similar to other models in the Emit series. Its outstanding performance and extraordinary value proposition ensure that its performance is unmatched in the corresponding price range.

Emit M30 has a relatively small footprint, and the sound quality provided by its unit exceeds its relatively modest size. And this sound quality effect is usually the effect of speakers priced twice as high as the M30. The driver units consist of a 28 mm soft dome tweeter and a 17 cm diameter bi-magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) mid/woofer unit with a 75 mm diameter ultra-large lightweight aluminum wire voice coil.

Use Dynaudio’s famous soft dome tweeter

The use of the soft hemispherical diaphragm of the convex cone for the tweeter is one of Dynaudio’s greatest characteristics. Since the establishment of Dynaudio, a Danish manufacturer, it has insisted on using the soft hemispherical diaphragm’s tweeter. It has never changed. It has evolved. The technology and materials of the diaphragm are also constantly improving. It takes a lot of time and workforce to make a soft hemisphere tweeter diaphragm. The thin fiber diaphragm is made into a semicircular structure, and then a special material is coated on its surface. The aluminum voice coil inside is suspended. The magnetic oil is used to increase work efficiency, thus making Dynaudio the famous tweeter.

dynaudio emit m30 tsoft dome weeter

Exclusive technology MSP mid-bass unit

In addition to the tweeter unit, Dynaudio’s mid-bass unit is also made with exclusive technology, and the diaphragm uses MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) technology. MSP diaphragms are characterized by lightweight, high rigidity, and ideal damping characteristics. These 3 points are the highest principles for making diaphragms. All individual design manufacturers take these three characteristics as their goals, no matter what material and technology they use. The purpose is to achieve a rapid monomer response, high efficiency, not easy to deform, easy to control, and smooth and low distortion frequency response. M30 also uses a 75mm large lightweight aluminum voice coil in the magnet system.

M30 is equipped with a bass reflex hole on the back of the cabinet to enhance the low-frequency capability and sense of volume. Pay attention to setting the speaker position. Dynaudio’s suggestion is to keep the speaker at least 50cm away from the back wall and sidewall.

The Black and white finish is simple and elegant

Emit M30 has two finishes: black and white. The thickness of the front panel is 25mm, and the thickness of the other surfaces is 19mm. There is a copper bass port at the back. The length is 215mm, and the diameter is 65mm. There are two bind posts on the back, so bi-wiring and bi-amping cannot be realized on the M30.

dynaudio emit m30 bass port and binding post

Of course, Dynaudio Emit M30 will be equipped with a pair of grilles. The grey grille and white paint are very compatible. That is very important to protect the monomer. After all, the tweeter is very fragile and often becomes the target of children. Currently, M30 only provides simple and elegant white and black finishes and does not have a wood grain veneer appearance. Sacrificing too many appearance options can reduce the manufacturer’s inventory, which will positively help cost control. I believe this will also be reflected in the price. Make the Emit series more cost-effective.

dynaudio emit m30 grill

Sound Performance

The sound is steady, and the scene is open

Listening to <The Magnificent Seven> and <Sunrise From Also Sprach Zarathustra> performed by a classical orchestra, Emit M30 performed quite well for the breadth of the sound field. The front and rear level and depth are still very good, and the sound is stable and solid. M30 has a high degree of transparency and resolution, and you can hear the nuances of different playing instruments in the orchestra.

Neutral sounds reflect the essence of music

Then play the “Kissed By A Song”, a collection of charming female voices. The eighth song, “Hell Or High Water,” sung by Sara.K fully demonstrates the ability of Emit M30. The quiet background and the solid midrange are full of details and clean. The high-frequency flute sound and the drum’s response at the end of the song is solid and fast.

Dynaudio’s speakers are relatively neutral and usually do not stain. When listening to this album, the voices of various singers are warm and sweet. It truly reflects the sound of singers and front-end equipment. Whether it’s the top series of speakers or Emit, which is cost-effective, it is such a neutral tone.

dynaudio emit m30 tweeter and woofer

Good clarity and transparency

Listen to the production of SHM-CD, Eric Clapton’s <unplugged>. SHM stands for super high material. It is made of special CD materials. The resolution, sound quality, and transparency of the music itself are better than ordinary materials. This guitar unplugged live performance album is very good, and the details of guitar performance are very clear and clean, and the liveness and dynamic contrast are very good. Emit M30 shows the strengths of a good album. The lightness and elasticity of the guitar plucking and the sliding strings’ smoothness are transmitted to the ears. Eric Clapton’s voice is also solid and warm, recreating the realism of the performance.

Make music beautiful and enduring

While listening to the album <Burmester>, every song in the album is a huge test to the music system. First, listen to the third “Winter Allegro non Molto”, selected from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Violin Concerto. In this version of the music, each part consists of only a one-stringed instrument. With the harpsichord and lute forming an octet, Dynaudio Emit M30 allows each device to be distinguished, and the sound field is quite open. The violin’s string sound is warm and textured, and the details of the string are clear but not sharp or thin. It is not only beautiful but also durable, showing that Dynaudio’s tweeter is indeed excellent.

Low-frequency display ability is good, and placement is the keyFinally, listen to the “Fanfare for the Common Man” performed by the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, released by the famous audiophile record company – Reference Recordings. Although Emit M30 is not a large-scale floor-standing speaker, the bass drum is still vivid when replayed, and the speed and volume are quite good. The penetrating power of the copper pipe is also very realistic.

dynaudio emit m30 tower speaker


Although Emit M30 is an entry-level speaker of Dynaudio, it maintains a very good standard. It also has the characteristics and tonality of Dynaudio mid-to-high-end speakers. It is clean, clear, and fax. Although it is not comparable to high-priced speakers in terms of momentum and texture, it is close to the people. The price will be one of the lists worth buying. Technically, it uses Dynaudio’s most classic monomer, 100% made by a European factory in Denmark, and the sound is above the standard. Interested enthusiasts should not miss it.

Dynaudio Emit M30 Specs

  • Sensitivity: 86dB (2,83V / 1m)
  • IEC Power Handling: 200W
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 40Hz – 23kHz
  • Box Principle: Bass Reflex Rear Ported
  • Crossover: 2 way
  • Crossover Frequency: 1800Hz
  • Crossover Topology: 2nd order
  • Specification sheet for Emit part 1
  • Woofer: 2 x 17cm MSP
  • Tweeter: 28mm soft dome
  • Weight: 18kg / 40lb
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 204 x 960 x 275mm / 8 x 37.8 x 10.8in
  • Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D): 204 x 960 x 290mm / 8 x 37.8 x 11.4in