Edifier R2000DB feature

Edifier R2000DB Review

Edifier has created one success after another in the audio industry. The latest released product by Edifier is the Airpulse A80. That is an amazing near-field speaker. Edifier started from the product’s quality and has gradually stepped into the HiFi field in recent years, whether it is the 2.0 speakers for desktop listening or the speakers specifically designed for games. Good sound and high quality are the most appropriate words to describe the Edifier. Among the many speaker products produced by Edifier, the R series that focuses on desktop listening can be said to have a pivotal position in users’ eyes. That is also the early contact of many enthusiasts. One of the most classic desktop 2.0 speaker products. This time we introduce the classic 5-inch desktop speaker R2000DB from Edifier.

Edifier R2000DB

Appearance: Perfect Details

First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance design of the Edifier R2000DB speaker. This speaker uses piano black as the main color and adds baking paint on both sides of the cabinet to make it look more beautiful and elegant. R2000db can be better Incorporate into home design. It seems like a carefully crafted artwork, which makes people love it.

For a 5-inch cabinet, the cabinet design of the Edifier R2000DB speaker is not an exaggeration. However, the cabinet’s size was not sacrificed too much to pursue compactness, resulting in loss of sound. Nor did it seek an oversized cabinet’s overpowering effect, but adopted a more moderate cabinet size to make the desktop placement easier. The trapezoidal design is adopted with a certain small elevation angle, which better reduces the generation of standing waves and reduces the sound playback’s interference. The weight of R2000DB is also not light. The left and right speakers add up to about 9.7KG.

Edifier R2000DB accessories

The speaker comes with two detachable grilles, which can play a good role in dustproof and protect the unit. The back panel looks simplified because the large passive heat sink is eliminated, but at the same time, it has more functions. There are adjusting knobs for treble, bass, and total volume, respectively. This kind of design is more intimate and can meet the daily listening needs of users.

The binding post is a direct plug-in interface, eliminating the need for cumbersome rotary knob operation like the previous binding post. The newly added optical fiber input interface is next to the RCA input interface.

Wireless listening has now become the main way many people’s listening habits. Edifier R2000DB can not only be connected to Bluetooth for listening, but also can be controlled by the remote control, making it easier for users to listen. It can be said that whether it is the overall design or the controlling experience, this speaker has a good performance on the market now, and it continues the Edifier’s design style from these aspects.

Driver Unit

R2000DB uses a two-way driver unit; the size of the tweeter and mid-low frequency unit is 25mm and 5.25 inches.

Edifier R2000DB tweeter

The Edifier R2000DB speaker uses a 25mm silk dome unit with a special coating on the surface, which has a certain degree of enhancement in strength and sound performance. There is a 5.25-inch mid-woofer at the bottom, using aluminum cones instead of common glass fiber or paper cones. The addition of DSP all-digital electronic crossover ensures the overall listening experience of this speaker. Besides, R2000DB also uses the rear-mounted bass port design, so it is best not to place the speakers too close to the wall.

Top Chip Design

Edifier R2000DB speakers use DSP digital processing technology. Many users who have a certain understanding of audio will know that DSP digital processing technology chips are expensive. This speaker uses the TAS5508 chip. The chip is characterized by exquisite crossover point control, and the sound reproduction is relatively stable. The use of this chip in the Edifier R2000DB speaker can be said to be cost-effective.

Besides making the treble and mid-bass separation better, the Edifier R2000DB uses a professional digital power amplifier chip without interfering with each other. R2000DB not only guarantees the output power but also allows users to hear sounds with excellent separation and no mutual confusion. The core power amplifier circuit uses two 60W TI TAS5342 Class D power amplifiers.

Edifier R2000DB TAS5508 DSP

In the past, speaker manufacturers did not value class D power amplifiers. Still, gradually they have been used by some professional monitor speakers. Its biggest advantage lies in the very high conversion rate, which brings very little heat, and it is easy to avoid short circuits caused by high-temperature problems. The power of the internal chip of this 2.0 speaker is something we never thought of before.

Connection: Versatile Interfaces Meet Different Needs

After seeing the appearance design and internal chip structure of the Edifier R2000DB speaker, let’s take a look at the connection that people are very concerned about. In the previous introduction, the R2000DB speaker can support 3.5mm wired connection as well as wireless Bluetooth connection and optical fiber connection with TV, game console, etc. It can meet the needs of various audio sources.

The chip responsible for fiber signal reception is PCM9211. The chip is also responsible for ADC conversion with a maximum dynamic of 101db. The Bluetooth chip is CSR8630, which supports Bluetooth 4.0 and A2DP functions. The only drawback is that it does not support APTX encoding. Due to the addition of optical fiber decoding and Bluetooth chips, the overall circuit area has increased.

First of all, the Edifier R2000DB speaker defaults to Bluetooth connection after booting. Just take out your mobile phone or pad to search for this speaker to easily complete the connection. If you need a pairing code, you can enter “0000” to complete the Bluetooth connection easily. If you need to disconnect, in addition to using the remote control to switch modes, you can also press and hold the volume knob to disconnect and switch to other modes, which is simple and easy.

Edifier R2000DB LED mode

There is also an infrared receiver on the main speaker’s front panel, which also functions as a power indicator and an input indicator. Green represents the speaker entering the AUX connection mode, red represents the optical fiber connection mode, and blue represents the Bluetooth connection mode. The connection and adjustment are simple and intuitive, allowing users to understand the connection mode and working status of the speaker more easily.

The line1 and line2 on the remote control of this speaker correspond to the line1 and line2 input interfaces on the speaker’s back, respectively. And the remote control can also control the power on/off and silent mode of R2000DB and can easily complete the conversion between classic mode and dynamic mode, which greatly facilitates the user’s control.

Sound Performance

Full interpretation of popular music

<PRISM> is the third super-popular album of the famous American pop singer Katy Perry. On August 2, 2013, Katie Perry released PRISM’s latest promotional photos and changed her profile picture on both Facebook and Twitter. <PRISM> officially began to promote, which means that a new PRISM era is about to begin. After the album’s lead single “ROAR” was released, Katy Perry premiered this single at the 30th Video Music Awards (VMA). This single successfully reached the Billboard No. 1 position after three weeks on the board, becoming the eighth national champion in Katy Perry’s career.

Edifier R2000DB back

The performance of popular music can be very good to see whether the Edifier R2000DB speakers are qualified. Since the R2000DB uses a 25mm coated silk dome tweeter on the tweeter, it brings us a very musical listening experience. The details are very clear, the description of the sound is round, and there is no too much distortion. Listening and feel good.

This speaker uses DSP frequency division technology to bring us a strong separation performance. The speaker has ample low-frequency volume, and there is no sound breakage and distortion at a relatively large volume. The speaker’s mid-frequency is soothing and stable, and there are no too big ups and downs. The high-frequency penetration is amazing. The extension is powerful, and it is perfect in the interpretation of popular music.

Classical music performance is equally important

For a desktop 2.0 speaker, it seems unrealistic to require it to achieve the effect of traditional HiFi speakers. There are few purely serious classical music in the types of music we often listen to. But piano music may be very popular among the general public. Therefore, it is also appropriate to use piano music to test the sound performance of this speaker.

Many musicians create and perform in contemporary times. Still, many people’s music tends to become more popular, and the prosperous fire quickly fades out of people’s sight after some time. New Age music is somewhere between classical and popular. It is easy to listen to and easier for people to accept. George Winston is a representative, new-age creative pianist. “All The Seasons Of George Winston” is his only selection + four new singles so far. The album is selected from six solo albums in Autumn, Cidong, Summer, December, Forest, and Music Palace. Besides, four other songs that have never been released have been added. This album contains the wonderful piano solo masterpieces of Winston over the past 25 years, including the famous piano version “Canon,” which is very worth listening to.

Edifier R2000DB woofer

It is normal for the large driver unit to perform with great dynamics, but since R2000DB has only a 5-inch woofer, this speaker also explains the dynamics very well. But besides, there are many detailed descriptions, which also give full play to the DSP technology, making the listening performance more comfortable, and can meet the needs of users for quiet listening at home.

The depiction of R2000DB on the piano is very accurate and delicate, and it does not feel too thin. A trace of a powerful high-frequency extension effect can also be captured. The power of reduction makes users feel listening on the spot. It is very fast to enter the state in the transient effect, and there is not much delay when switching between each other. The overall sense of hearing is full, and the sound details are in place.


As the R series’s most representative product, Edifier R2000DB has a classic unit size and excellent listening effect. Whether in popular classics or movies, there is something remarkable. And the feeling of wireless listening and control is also in line with people’s listening needs. If you like to listen to the high-quality sound or want to enjoy pure and good sound at home, then this 2.0 desktop speaker that does not take up space is just one Very good choice. In the future, what surprises will Edifier bring to us in the R series speakers? Let us continue to wait and see!

Edifier R2000DB Specs

  • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: RMS 24W × 2 + 36 W × 2
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 55Hz-20KHz(±3db)
  • TWEETER UNIT: Φ25mm Ru-Fe-B silk dome,6Ω
  • FULL RANGE UNIT: 5″ alloy,4Ω
  • DIMENSION: 9.5in x 11.25in x 7.5in (WxHxD)