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Logitech Z625 Review

The Logitech Z625 speaker system is an upgraded version of the Z623, and for it to be upgraded, all that had been added was a new optical input. Other than this addition of a tiny part, everything else about them remains the same as their predecessor. Still, they can also hook up more easily using any TV or console due to its inclusion on Optical Inputs.

The Z625 gaming speaker set is a versatile audio system that offers impressive sound quality and flexibility. You get 400 watts peak power from the two satellite speakers, one subwoofer with three connections for multiple devices (3 inputs).

Logitech Z625 2.1 Speaker System

The use of both wired and wireless connectivity makes it easy to enjoy music in any room of your house where there’s an internet connection. This budget-friendly setup also comes complete with its headphone jack so you can privately listen when necessary.


The Logitech Z625 speaker system is in the 2.1 configuration consists of two satellite speakers connected to a rather bulky subwoofer, with each grille nicely complementing its design and shape. The chunky matte black aesthetic is charming on the eyes; this isn’t your dainty little audio equipment.

The satellite units are almost 8-inches high, so they are not going to be unobtrusive or inconspicuous. The right unit carries all the controls – a volume and bass level dial and a power on/off button. There’s also an aux-in on the side, along with a headphones jack for when you want some peace of mind from your neighbors during those late-night movie marathons!

Logitech Z625 2.1 Gaming Speaker System

This sound system combines a sturdy construction and THX certification for sonic quality with the ability to be positioned as needed, making its compact size perfect for any room in your home. In addition, the satellites carry only one full-range driver each, so you can position them anywhere without sacrificing audio quality or clarity of dialogue.

The satellite unit of the Logitech Z625 gaming speaker system has anti-slip rubberized feet, and the units are heavy enough not to topple over easily. Similarly, the subwoofer isn’t lightweight either. As a result, all three components of this 2.1 speaker system feel like they mean business without sacrificing style or quality – just what you would expect from Logitech!

Logitech Z625 Speaker System with Subwoofer

The Connections

One of the most compelling features of the Logitech Z625 2.1 speakers is their optical input option, which grants them many more options than other models on today’s market. This feature allows you to hook up your TV directly with an optical cable for a quality sound and clear dialogue without any interference from cables or wires that constantly get tangled between devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., making it easier to set up wherever necessary.

With the Z625’s optical output, you won’t have to deal with complicated mechanisms such as Audio Return Channel (ARC) over HDMI on a Home Theater, etc. This puts this speaker set in direct competition with Soundbars that are gaining popularity these days because they can do what traditional speakers cannot: produce surround sound audio for any device or TV without having an extra wire behind your TV.

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX Sound 2.1 Channel Computer speaker

One of the downsides to the Logitech z625 speaker is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth pairing is a convenient way to connect speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. For example, Amazon FireTV Stick has the ability for its users to pair their gadgets with wireless (or Bluetooth) compatible sound systems. That can be done much more conveniently than using an aux cable!

The Logitech Z625 features an aux-in on the right speaker, meaning you can connect various devices without bending down to find your subwoofer. The speakers also have headphone outputs for quick and easy connections and 3.5mm inputs upfront. It also has TOSLINK cables in the back for those who want more high fidelity with their sound system than just primary audio input/outputs like most other stereo systems offer!

logitech z625 desktop speaker

Logitech z625 vs Z623The Logitech Z625 desktop speaker is like the successor to their hugely popular speakers, but with a bit more bells and whistles. The addition of an optical input makes it easier for you to hook up your gaming console or TV while maintaining its portability-related benefits compared to other big speaker systems that have full soundbar bases.

With 400 watts peak power in comparison with the 200-watt range found on most 2.1 audio setups by default, this three-piece system will produce some pretty incredible sounds without tearing apart any walls (or ears) around your living room!

Sound Performance


Logitech has been making wise investments in the audio industry, and with their new speaker set, being THX certified, it is evidence of that. It would help if you didn’t have any worries about whether or not this product will meet your expectations as its sound quality is top-notch when you purchase a Logitech Z625 Speaker System from Amazon or Best Buy.

Logitech Z625 Powerful Thx speaker

THX certification is a standard of the industry, meaning that all THX-certified speakers have to undergo rigorous 400 tests before they are given their seal. So if you intend to use your speaker for watching movies and playing video games, it has more than enough firepower to meet your needs.

THX certification used to be the golden standard in cinema, and if you’re looking for a way to recreate that theatre-like atmosphere at home, then look no further than these Z625 speakers. They’ve been rigorously tested for ample power, deep bass, and trusted performance, so there’s never any doubt about whether or not they’ll deliver a fantastic experience every time.

I decided to run many of my favorite high-bit rate FLACs and movies on the Logitech Z625 gaming speaker. Surprisingly, I found that bass-focused songs sounded quite lovely, so if you’re looking for more lows than highs, then this is what’s right for you! Right off the bat, it was clear that these speakers are made with bass in mind – there’s no denying they have plenty of low-end sounds when turned up over 60%.

Logitech Z625 2.1 Speaker System

I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to these speakers in your home theatre. The Logitech Z625’s positioning is just one area where it shines. Of course, as with most surround sound systems, you want to listen from an optimal position. It was at this point that I noticed how well-designed these satellite speakers are.

The slightly upward angle not only helps improve performance for a range of frequencies (mids & highs) but also positions them nearer our ears, so we’re able to hear those high notes better than ever before!

The Logitech Z625 2.1 gaming speaker is great for those looking to get into a home theatre. However, for movies, two things set the z625 apart from other speakers: first, it has some severe bass capabilities, and second, you can adjust how much of this effect you want through its control panel. So explosions in action films will sound fantastic, as well as car chases!

logitech Z625 thx

If your ears aren’t used to deep frequencies, though, make sure not to turn up too high because these powerful lows do muddle up dialogue sometimes. Still, with an equalizer adjustment coupled with finding the perfect balance between treble and bass levels, you’ll find no trouble watching any film at home like nothing ever happened – except maybe hearing them better.

The Logitech Z625 speaker is perfect for a night in watching movies and tv. With all of the connectivity options, you’ll never have to worry about which source is playing what again. And if you’re looking for some extra fun? Just turn on your three different audio sources at once!

I was blown away by how good the Z625’s stereo sound separation is, which gives you an accurate positional advantage for casual gaming. However, if competitive gameplay is your cup of tea, then be sure to wear headphones because they can’t compare with a dedicated headset.


There are two types of people regarding individual preferences for desktop listening – those that like accuracy and precision in their soundstage, while others care more about power. The Logitech Z625 does both well as its 2.0 bookshelf configuration is precise enough without sacrificing the low-end bass performance or value for money which most enjoy first and foremost – making this a great choice no matter what your priority happens to be!

Logitech Z625 2.1 Speaker System by THX

These speakers are perfect for anyone who wants the ability to hook them up with a TV and PC simultaneously. The optical input on these Logitech Z625s enables you to connect your gaming console or television straight into their system without any complications at all, giving you crystal clear sound. With additional qualities like handling large amounts of power and producing clean-sounding bass, there is no reason not to get these if they suit your needs!

The Logitech Z625 2.1 speaker system is a PC speaker that offers more than just average sound quality for watching videos or playing games. Boasting thunderous explosions and roaring rumbles, this budget-friendly option will keep you entertained with every movie or video game scene.