Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar Review

Streaming audio-visual services have gained immense popularity in recent years, prompting many people to install large smart TVs of 55 inches or more to create a cinematic experience at home.

However, as TVs become slimmer, their built-in speaker performance often needs to improve, resulting in flat sound quality that fails to deliver an immersive audio experience. This is where Yamaha’s Soundbar series comes in, offering various entry-level and advanced options.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The latest addition to the series is the SR-C30A Soundbar, measuring only 60cm in length and paired with a wireless subwoofer. Despite being an entry-level device, the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar delivers impressive performance that rivals even standard-sized Soundbars.

If you want to enhance your home theater experience, consider the Yamaha SR-C30A Soundbar for high-quality audio that immerses you in your favorite movies and music.

A Soundbar is an ideal partner to enhance your TV’s sound quality with minimal effort and space. Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Yamaha SR-C30A. After several days of testing, I can attest to its space-saving design and clear, loud sound effects perfect for limited living spaces.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

Additionally, when paired with the independent wireless subwoofer, it delivers excellent sound quality and a truly immersive audio experience. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a comprehensive set of input and output configurations at the back, making it a one-stop solution for all your home entertainment needs, whether it’s watching dramas, listening to songs, or playing games. For beginners, this simple and effective solution is worth trying out.


Aside from the central Soundbar unit and subwoofer, the Yamaha SR-C30A has several accompanying accessories, including a remote control1, AC power supply1, power cord2, digital optical fiber audio cable1, non-slip mat4, installation template, spacer, Getting Started Guide1, and Safety Manual*1. It’s important to note that the SR-C30A does not come with an HDMI cable.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

If you intend to connect the soundbar to your TV using an HDMI cable, you will need to purchase it separately.


The Yamaha SR-C30A is an elegantly designed all-in-one home theater speaker that is only 60cm long and weighs 1.3kg. It features a matte dust-proof mesh that eliminates reflection problems when watching movies. The front panel has function lights that complement its simple style.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The black body design is versatile, making it an excellent fit for TV cabinets or bedrooms. Moreover, the SR-C30A Soundbar is designed with the humanized operation and different home environments in mind. It can be conveniently placed on a table or mounted on a wall, offering a flexible and diverse display customized to suit any home furnishing style.

The Yamaha SR-C30A has a 2.1-channel configuration consisting of a 2.0-channel central unit with two full-range units built into a long box and a subwoofer set with a bass reflex design of 0.1 channels. The cabinet design is consistent with the overall aesthetic, utilizing a mesh surface and the material of the cabinet body to achieve a simple yet visually appealing effect.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

Additionally, the bass reflex hole is an integral part of the design, adding to the overall aesthetics of the unit.

The overall design of the SR-C30A follows a simple and exquisite route. The compact and lightweight body has a length of 600mm, a width of 64mm, a height of only 94mm, and weighs only 1.3kg. It won’t block the TV screen when placed and can be easily paired with TVs of different sizes.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar supports wall mounting and comes with a complete set of auxiliary installation accessories, such as positioning jams, which are considered for users. The back of the unit is marked with Dolby Audio and HDMI, indicating that the SR-C30A supports current mainstream digital surround sound specifications and is equipped with an HDMI interface.

It’s worth noting that the SR-C30A also comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to adjust the volume, switch between sound modes, and perform other operations from a distance. The remote control has a simple and user-friendly layout and is easy to use, even for people who need to become more familiar with Soundbar systems. This post is from HifiReport.com.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

Overall, the SR-C30A is an excellent option for people who want to upgrade their TV sound system without wasting too much space or money. It offers good sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and a stylish design that blends well with any home décor.

It’s great to see that the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar pays attention to even the most minor design details, such as the “Y” design on the heat dissipation holes, which showcases the Yamaha brand. Additionally, the rubber cushions at the bottom of the unit help to prevent slipping and make it easy for users to place the soundbar directly on furniture like TV cabinets.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

It’s always nice to see when a product is designed with both style and practicality in mind.

The SR-C30A’s 2.1-channel configuration includes two sets of 1.8-inch full-range units and a built-in subwoofer with a five 1/8-inch woofer, providing a total output of 90W. Despite its compact size, the SR-C30A can produce clear and loud sound effects. The touch panel on the top of the central unit allows for easy power, volume, and source selection control.

Additionally, the soundbar includes various status indicators that can be easily accessed through the remote control. Users can quickly switch between input sources such as TV, OPTICAL, BLUETOOTH, or ANALOG and activate SURROUND sound effects with just a few button presses. The large braided grille covering the body of the SR-C30A adds a stylish touch and protects the soundbar’s internal components.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The subwoofer of the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar uses a design that optimizes output and extends low frequency while minimizing the size of the speaker. It can be placed vertically or horizontally with a non-slip pad to prevent slipping.

The front is covered with a dust-proof mesh and has a bass reflex hole with a large diameter for better-extended performance and richer low-frequency reproduction. The subwoofer is designed for wireless connection and has a single pairing button and indicator light on the back. When connected to the SR-C30A speaker, the far right indicator light will light white.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The SR-C30A Soundbar offers a range of output configurations. Additionally, the installation process is straightforward, thanks to Yamaha’s design philosophy of simplifying complex controls. Connect the soundbar to the TV using an HDMI cable, or if your TV doesn’t support ARC, use the included optical digital audio cable.

Then, connect the soundbar and subwoofer to a power source. To pair the subwoofer wirelessly, press the PAIRING button on the back and wait a few seconds for it to connect to the SR-C30A Soundbar. This easy process allows even new Soundbar users to start enjoying high-quality sound quickly.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The SR-C30A offers versatile connectivity options, allowing users to enhance the sound quality of their TV and connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth to enjoy music and other audio content. Additionally, it supports TVs with Bluetooth audio transmission, making it even easier to listen to music or watch movies with enhanced sound effects.

In terms of control, the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar includes a practical remote control with neatly arranged buttons of different sizes. Each button serves a clear function, including source selection, sound effect mode, volume adjustment, low-frequency output, and other settings. Notably, the remote control also includes Yamaha’s flagship “Clear Voice Clear Dialogue” and “Bass Extension” functions, ensuring that users can fine-tune their audio experience to their liking.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The Clear Voice function of SR-C30A enhances the clarity of human voice dialogue without the need to adjust the volume. It makes the voice stand out from the background noise, making it easier to receive messages when watching movies or news. On the other hand, the Bass Extension button enhances the bass extension performance and produces a more robust sense of deep bass.

Although the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar does not support Dolby Atmos dramatic sound effects, nor does it use sound beam projection technology through the array and directional units like larger soundbars, it still offers a wide spatial sound field and an incredible sense of hearing with Yamaha’s superior DSP digital virtual audio processing technology and an independent subwoofer.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

SR-C30A features four sound effect modes: 3D movie, game, stereo, and standard. The 3D movie mode, combined with Yamaha’s self-developed 3D good field technology, can make human voices in movies seem like they are being emitted above the speaker, and tests have shown that the effect is quite impressive.

The YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar offers four EQ sound effects modes to enhance the listening experience while watching movies, playing games, or listening to music. Additionally, users can connect the SR-C30A to the Sound Bar Remote App via Bluetooth, allowing easy control of the soundbar’s functions, including sound effect settings, volume, and low-frequency output.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The app also enables users to adjust the brightness and switch off the front LED light of the soundbar, providing a comprehensive and customizable user experience.

Sound Performance

The YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar may be an entry-level Soundbar and subwoofer set, but its 90W overall volume output is surprisingly powerful. In the author’s test space of approximately eight pings, the volume needed only about 40% to 50% to fill the entire space with sound, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized living rooms or bedrooms. Even for consumers living in medium-sized suites, the SR-C30A can provide ample volume output when used with a TV.

Once installed, the author was immediately impressed by the clear and comprehensive sound field and the impressive bass produced by the subwoofer when switching the sound output from the TV’s speakers to the SR-C30A. Equipped with two built-in 1.8-inch full-range units and a hidden five 1/8-inch subwoofer, the SR-C30A can effectively reproduce the low frequencies in movies and music, providing a truly immersive listening experience.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The documentary “Formula 1” was a perfect choice to test the audio quality of the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar. The author was amazed by the clear and comprehensive sound field created by the soundbar and the shocking effect produced by the subwoofer. The built-in 1.8-inch full-range single unit and the independent subwoofer with a hidden five 1/8-inch woofer significantly regenerated the low frequency in movies and music.

The sound of several cars and more than 10,000 horsepower engines exploding at the start of the race was particularly impressive. The flat, monotonous high-frequency sound during acceleration, the rich and complex low-frequency sound produced by braking, shifting gears, and cornering, as well as the drum noise of the live audience, were all accurately positioned in the sound field and had a clear sense of direction.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

While the sound field was mainly concentrated in the front, the left and right directions were also quite noticeable. In addition, the clarity and reproduction of the human voice were also excellent, allowing the author to fully immerse themselves in the sensory shock of hearing and vision and have an enjoyable experience.

It sounds like the YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar performed well with Hollywood movies like “Bullet Trains” and “Open-Air Rescue.” While it may not provide the same level of surround sound as a true 5.1 system, the independent subwoofer and DSP digital virtual audio processing helped to create a sense of surround sound.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

The soundbar also supports ARC sound return, which helps improve the audio’s spaciousness. The 3D movie sound effect mode also added to the overall experience, enhancing environmental sounds like rain, blasting, or impact and keeping the sound stable even during large dynamic environmental sounds. Overall, the SR-C30A is more than enough for a small viewing space in a home.

Yamaha Audio SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth, Black
  • Meet the SR-C30A compact sound bar with compact subwoofer: a compact duo that strives to fit in, not stand out. The sound bar measures a mere 23” wide and the wireless compact subwoofer can be positioned vertically or horizontally for endless placement possibilities.
  • We know size matters. But we’re not sacrificing sound. The C30 is packed with virtual 3D surround sound, Clear Voice and Adaptive Low Volume technologies inside a footprint made for versatility.
  • The SR-C30A has 4 sound modes to match your content and your mood: Standard, Stereo, 3D Movie and Game. 3D Movie creates realistic virtual surround sound. Game mode makes your video games sound amazing and is tuned for near-field listening .


The YAMAHA SR-C30A soundbar is an excellent choice for those who want to improve the sound quality of their TV without spending a lot of money or dealing with complicated settings.

Yamaha SR-C30A SoundBar

It is small, and the wireless subwoofer easily fits into any space. Its built-in EQ sound effects and ability to connect to the Sound Bar Remote App via Bluetooth add even more flexibility and control. Overall, the SR-C30A provides excellent sound quality for its price point and is a great option for those looking to enhance their home theater experience.