Desktop Speakers

promedia 2.1 thx

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Review

Klipsch is a well-known brand to the audio industry, and it has been in the market for quite some years now. Due to the high-end quality, Klipsch managed to remain as a top option for users worldwide. The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX speaker system...
Edifier Airpulse A300 feature

The Most Anticipated Sound – Edifier Airpulse A300 Review

At the end of 2016, Edifier and AIRPULSE released the A200 active speaker. It is based on Edifier's digital crossover and digital power amplifier platform. At the same time, Edifier uses the 7001 speaker well-known design by the designer Phil Jones ten years ago as a model,...
focal kanta serise

Focal Kanta N1 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Focal, founded by Mr. Jacques Mahul in 1979, has a history of 40 years and is the most representative high-end speaker brand in France. The latest advanced bookshelf speaker Focal Kanta N1 is the latest Focal outstanding work. Over...

Klipsch The One – An Exquisite Audio Art of Life

Klipsch is an old technology audio manufacturer. Klipsch, BOSE, JBL, Harman Kardon are all representatives of American HiFi speakers. Klipsch has made many achievements in the field of cinema and HiFi. The unique horn and classic American design have also become a highly recognizable characteristic. The one...
edifier Airpulse a80 feature

Edifier Airpulse A80 Review

Edifier AirPulse desktop active speakers add another force! Following the Edifier Airpulse A200, A300, and A100, AirPulse is aimed at the market demand for micro-space listening, near-field monitoring, and desktop listening, launching a more compact Edifier Airpulse A80 desktop active speaker. The A80 provides rich and complete...
focal aria 906

Focal Aria 906 Review – Faithful to the DNA of the...

At the beginning of getting started with HiFi, the choice of products is a very tangled thing. In fact, from the perspective of audiophiles, entry-level HiFi speakers need to be carefully selected. A good entry HiFi speaker can ignite your HiFi dream.

Floor Standing Speakers

jamo concept series feature image

Jamo Concert C109 Review

Audiophiles should be familiar with the Danish brand Jamo. Once in the 1990s, there were not many audio brand choices, so products with high enough quality but not expensive can quickly become best-selling products. The Concert series launched by Jamo in 1997 is just such a product...
jamo S809 floorstanding speaker feature image

Jamo S809 Music System Review

Jamo's latest speaker series is the Studio 8 series, which includes a series of affordable floor-standing, bookshelf, and center channel speakers, all of which have a typical simple but not rigid Scandinavian design. Our test suite starts with the S 809 HCS system music system. The system...
JBL L82 feature image

JBL L82 Classic – JBL Newly Launches in CES 2020

Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, recently announced the launch of JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Speaker at CES. This product is the latest bookshelf version of the brand's best-selling speaker JBL L100. The legendary L100 three-way bookshelf speaker was released in 1970. For...
dynaudio emit m30 floorstanding speaker

Dynaudio Emit M30 Review

The Dynaudio Emit series is the latest product from this big Danish speaker factory. The Emit series is Dynaudio's cheapest and easiest passive speaker. Audiophiles can get 100% high-quality speakers made in Denmark at the most worthwhile price. This time we review is the Emit M30, the...
dynaudio contour 60 feature

New Dynaudio Contour 60 Review: Create Another Legend

As one of the world's top Hi-end speaker brands, Dynaudio has always insisted on designing and manufacturing the world's best speakers since its establishment in Denmark in 1977. It has also won the recognition of music lovers all over the world with its excellent sound performance. Dynaudio...
dynaudio contour 30 feature

Dynaudio Contour 30 Review

At the 16th Munich Audio Show, Dynaudio unveiled their new Contour series of speakers, which breaks through the past with a unique perspective and a new design. The series launched a total of four speakers, namely the smallest bookshelf speaker Contour 20, the medium floor speaker Contour...

Bluetooth Speakers

sonos move portable bluetooth speaker logo

Sonos Move Smart Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today we're talking about the new Sonos Move. In 2005 Sonos started selling home speakers with the goal of people being able to easily listen to anything they want, in any room they want. Well, 15 years later, they become the home audio company for the masses,...
KEF Egg Duo bluetooth speaker

KEF EGG Duo Review

The KEF brand has a history of more than half a century, an old British hall-level HiFi speaker brand. Enthusiasts have widely recognized the Uni-Q coaxial driver unit. It has been several years since the release of KEF EGG. As an egg-like desktop speaker, it attracted a...
dynaudio music 1

Dynaudio Music 1 Review

Dynaudio Music 1 is the smallest in the music series, which is very suitable for use on the desktop. Of course, the built-in lithium battery of Music 1 can also be easily taken outdoors. Appearence The design of Dynaudio Music...
KEF LS50 wireless II feature image

KEF LS50 Wireless II Review

KEF's highlight in 2020 is LS50 Wireless II. This time the KEF LS50 series is divided into two versions. In addition to Wireless II, there is also a model called Meta, which is a passive speaker version. The two versions can be said to be an upgrade...
jbl flip 5

JBL Flip 5 Review – Portable Waterproof Speaker

The hot summer weather, except staying in an air-conditioned room, calling friends to the poolside water park or even the beach, is a great pleasure. If I had some more music, it would be a full score operation.To let music ignite the enthusiasm on the journey, in...
klipsch the fives feature

Klipsch The Fives Review: All-round active speakers

Speaking of traditional horn speakers, the famous American manufacturer Klipsch is certainly a classic brand not to be missed. Don't think that the old brand will only be conventional and conservative. In recent years, Klipsch has constantly been introducing new products in the earphone and speaker market....

Audio Lab

passive vs active speaker

Guide for Passive vs Active Speaker

Maybe when you buy a speaker, the first thing you consider is a passive speaker, because it has a player, an Amp, and a complete system. However, for those who are new to audio and just getting started, active speakers have their advantages. Although passive speakers are mainstream, active speakers also have many diehard fans. What is the reason? If the difference between the materials and design of high- and low-end equipment is excluded, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the active and passive design alone? The following is a brief analysis for you.
3-way speaker

2-way vs 3-way speakers – What is the difference?

With the continuous development and improvement of technology, the utmost sound quality that was once unattainable is no longer so far away. Even some relatively cheap speakers can bring some good sound quality experience. Good speakers can make the sound more real, and the details of the music are also richer. However, with the continuous development of technology, three-way speakers appear. Compared with traditional two-way speakers, what are the advantages of three-way speakers? What should consumers pay more attention to when buying speaker products? The human ear is most sensitive to mid-frequency
feature image

Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 vs 7.1: Which is Best

For entry-level home theaters, AV receivers generally have at least 7 channels. And the new ones support Dolby Atmos. Many people have questions about whether to choose 7.1 channels or Dolby Atmos 5.1.2, which has been popular in recent years. If conditions permit, please give priority to 7.1. 5.1 vs. 5.1.2 vs. 7.1 Many people do not know what the 5.1 channel, 5.1.2 channel, 7.1 channel, 7.2.4 channel, etc. mean when choosing speakers. These refer to the expression of the number of channels of the sound output...
what is dolby atmos

What is Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Many people are familiar with the soundbar product. This is a product that integrates multi-channel speakers and amplifiers into a strip-shaped cabinet. It basically retains the characteristics of traditional "power amplifier + speakers" and can simulate home theater audio. The multi-channel soundbar is mainly characterized by simple installation, simple connection, simple operation, and very space-saving.But what about "Dolby Atoms soundbar"? I have heard of Dolby Atoms who have paid attention to audio development in recent years. But what is it like to combine with the echo wall? What is the difference with the...
bluetooth earphones

Things You Should Know Before Buying the Wireless Earphones

For people who love music, listening to music is not only a hobby but also a life enjoyment. After all, a busy life rhythm, only music makes people feel relaxed. Especially with a good pair of wireless headphones or earphones, you can enjoy the freedom of listening. However, there is a wide variety of wireless headphones on the market, and it is not easy to choose a wireless earphone that suits you. When choosing wireless headphones, if you like sports, it is recommended to select neck-mounted wireless headphones or in-ear earphones that can quickly...