Desktop Speakers

klipsch r-51pm 1

Klipsch R-51PM Review

With the technological development in the audio field and the gradual popularization of high-definition digital music on mobile phones, both audiophiles and ordinary music lovers for many years must admit that listening to music with mobile phones connected to audio has become the mainstream of the public.Klipsch...
edifier s2000 pro feature

EDIFIER s2000 Pro Active Wireless Speaker Review

In 2005, Edifier's high-end flagship product S2000, was launched on the market. This product, designed by the sound master Phil Jones, has maintained its position as a classic in the industry with its pure sound quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. In 2016, Edifier once again released a big...
dynaudio Xeo 20 desktop speaker feature image

Dynaudio Xeo 20 Review

Dynaudio Xeo is a digital, wireless, active three-in-one speaker. These three things originally belonged to three audio equipment categories, but when the three are combined, they become a brand new audio category, which stands for "stand-alone audio system." Dynaudio first launched Xeo in 2012, advertised as Wireless...
dynaudio emit 10

Dynaudio Emit M10 Review

The World's Highest-End Speaker-Test Center In December 2015, Dynaudio announced the establishment of a brand-new R&D center in Skanderborg, Denmark. Construction started in January of the following year. After nearly a year, it officially opened on December 30, 2016. This...
klipsch the three

Klipsch The Three Review

Klipsch The Three is a multi-function wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is launched by Klipsch and belongs to the Heritage classic series. As we all know, Klipsch's development has always revolved around speakers. Its high-end model Klipschhorn is from the Heritage classic series. With an American retro style,...
edifier airpulse a300 pro feature

Edifier Airpulse A300 Pro review

The enhanced version of Edifier AIRPULSE A300, A300 Pro, has finally arrived. Edifier Airpulse A300 Pro is almost the same as A300 in terms of box size and driver. The most obvious difference is the increase in power, but it also brings new internal structure and functions.

Floor Standing Speakers

klipsch forte III

American Klipsch Forte III Horn Speaker-Relive The Beauty of The Golden...

This Forte III Horn Speaker belongs to the Klipsch Heritage series. Breakdown of the Heritage series of products, including Klipschorn, La Scala II, Cornwall II, Forte III, Heresy III, etc., regardless of size, all look quite ancient. Does Klipsch deliberately design a whole series of retro speakers,...

Klipsch Heresy IV Speaker: Best Floor Speakers of the Klipsch Heresy...

When I try to listen to a low-power amplifier, I am so confused about what speakers to match. Although the bookshelf speakers will also show good sound quality, the sensitivity of most small bookshelf speakers is not so qualified. So these small power amplifiers are not allowed...
jamo concept series feature image

Jamo Concert C109 Review

Audiophiles should be familiar with the Danish brand Jamo. Once in the 1990s, there were not many audio brand choices, so products with high enough quality but not expensive can quickly become best-selling products. The Concert series launched by Jamo in 1997 is just such a product...
dynaudio_evoke_30_ feature image

Dynaudio Evoke 30 Review

Dynaudio, a speaker factory with a history of more than 40 years, can be regarded as an old brand among many audio brands, but they have never stopped making progress. Especially in recent years, they have frequently launched refreshing products. Dynaudio is witnessing their vitality to the...
jamo S809 floorstanding speaker feature image

Jamo S809 Music System Review

Jamo's latest speaker series is the Studio 8 series, which includes a series of affordable floor-standing, bookshelf, and center channel speakers, all of which have a typical simple but not rigid Scandinavian design. Our test suite starts with the S 809 HCS system music system. The system...
dynaudio evoke 50 floor standing speaker

Dynaudio Evoke 50 Review

Evoke is a new series of Dynaudio, which plays the role of advanced entry models. With outstanding product technology, manufacturing technology, and exquisite appearance, it can flexibly adapt to different space environments and lifestyles to meet music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts' needs.

Bluetooth Speakers

sonos five bluetooth speaker

Sonos Five Wireless Speaker Review

The new Sonos Five was one of three new products launched in June 2020 along with the Sonos Arc soundbar and Sonos Subject 3 subwoofer. It has replaced the hugely popular Play 5 model, which was the first all-in-one wireless speaker. It can be used on its...
sonos move portable bluetooth speaker logo

Sonos Move Smart Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today we're talking about the new Sonos Move. In 2005 Sonos started selling home speakers with the goal of people being able to easily listen to anything they want, in any room they want. Well, 15 years later, they become the home audio company for the masses,...
KEF Egg Duo bluetooth speaker

KEF EGG Duo Review

The KEF brand has a history of more than half a century, an old British hall-level HiFi speaker brand. Enthusiasts have widely recognized the Uni-Q coaxial driver unit. It has been several years since the release of KEF EGG. As an egg-like desktop speaker, it attracted a...
KEF LS50 wireless II feature image

KEF LS50 Wireless II Review

KEF's highlight in 2020 is LS50 Wireless II. This time the KEF LS50 series is divided into two versions. In addition to Wireless II, there is also a model called Meta, which is a passive speaker version. The two versions can be said to be an upgrade...
dynaudio music 1

Dynaudio Music 1 Review

Dynaudio Music 1 is the smallest in the music series, which is very suitable for use on the desktop. Of course, the built-in lithium battery of Music 1 can also be easily taken outdoors. Appearence The design of Dynaudio Music...
klipsch the fives feature

Klipsch The Fives Review: All-round active speakers

Speaking of traditional horn speakers, the famous American manufacturer Klipsch is certainly a classic brand not to be missed. Don't think that the old brand will only be conventional and conservative. In recent years, Klipsch has constantly been introducing new products in the earphone and speaker market....

Audio Lab

amplifier power

How Much Power Does An Amplifier Need?

For many friends who are buying audio equipment for the first time, "how much power does an amplifier need" is almost certainly a question that is a bit like, "how much horsepower does it take to buy a car?" "The bigger, the better." However, many factors will prevent us from thinking about buying massive horsepower when purchasing a car. For example, the vehicle price and the engine's exhaust volume will involve fuel consumption and taxes. It is the same to consider the power demand when choosing the power amplifier. Of course, the higher the...
speaker sensitivity feature

What is Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity, also known as sound pressure level (SPL), is an important indicator of whether the speaker is easy to push. The sensitivity of the loudspeaker (dB/W) usually refers to the magnitude of the sound pressure measured 1m from the front of the loudspeaker when the input power is 1W. Sensitivity is an indicator of whether the speaker can reproduce the details in the audio signal. The higher the sensitivity, the loudspeaker can respond to all details in the audio signal. The sensitivity as a Hi-Fi speaker should be greater than 86dB/W. Sensitivity and...
av receiver vs amplifier

AV receiver vs Amplifier

AV amplifiers and HIFI amplifiers are the two most common devices in the speaker equipment market. For many entry users, he may not yet know "what is AV amplifier, what is HIFI amplifier." So what is the difference between AV receiver vs amplifier, and how do you choose the amplifier you need? What is an AV amplifier? The AV amplifier's A(audio) means audio and sound, and V(video) means audio and image. Therefore, the AV amplifier is an audio-visual amplifier that integrates audio and video signal processing. It emphasizes the atmosphere of the sound...
studio monitor speaker

Studio Monitor vs HiFi Speaker – What are the Differences

If you are still using Hi-Fi speakers for mixing and recording, your final product may sound very different from the original. We need to use monitor speakers to work because monitor speakers can help you deeply analyze the most sophisticated sound quality and ensure that your finished audio can have a relatively accurate performance, whether in-car audio or high-end Hi-Fi equipment. So what is the difference between monitor speakers and Hi-Fi speakers? In a word: Hi-Fi speakers can produce high-quality sound effects, and monitor speakers can faithfully respond to the original audio signal.
passive vs active speaker

Guide for Passive vs Active Speaker

Maybe when you buy a speaker, the first thing you consider is a passive speaker, because it has a player, an Amp, and a complete system. However, for those who are new to audio and just getting started, active speakers have their advantages. Although passive speakers are mainstream, active speakers also have many diehard fans. What is the reason? If the difference between the materials and design of high- and low-end equipment is excluded, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the active and passive design alone? The following is a brief analysis for you.