Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar
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Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar Review

As the pioneer of the soundbar era, Yamaha created the world’s first soundbar – the YSP-1 (Digital Sound Projector). Serving as a front surround system, it successfully opened up a new market for home theaters. However, from the birth of soundbars until now, some “die-hard” enthusiasts still believe that home theater products always need physical multi-channel devices and that algorithms can never fully compensate for their shortcomings.

Is it possible to combine soundbars with traditional multi-channel surround speakers to create a truly immersive soundbar product that consumers will love? The answer is yes, and Yamaha has introduced a brand new Dolby Atmos Soundbar Kit (SR-X50A + WS-X1A*2) for this purpose.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Since Yamaha created its first “Dolby Atmos x Soundbar” product, the YSP-5600, Yamaha has been continuously researching panoramic sound and digital audio algorithms and actively conducting market research, incorporating feedback from users and professional media. Today, this new kit transforms Yamaha’s compact wireless surround speakers into powerful partners that enhance the surround sound experience, taking the listening experience of soundbars to a whole new level.


The soundbar kit comprises the Yamaha SR-X50A soundbar and two WS-X1A wireless surround speakers. When your audio source, such as a television or gaming device, is connected via an HDMI cable to the SR-X50A soundbar that supports HDMI-CEC and eARC compatibility, the entire soundbar kit seamlessly connects wirelessly. It then delivers smooth, delay-free, and rapidly responsive sound from all directions.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Yes, it resembles a traditional surround sound system with resonating front and surround speakers. However, the Yamaha SR-X50A’s left, right, front, and low-frequency channels are slimmer and more streamlined than traditional systems. They only take up a little space and eliminate the hassle of wires.

Looking at the official dissected image, you can see the elliptical full-range unit on the side of the soundbar, enhancing soundstage width and positioning for an immersive atmosphere. The slanted unit beside it is the sky reflection unit, responsible for the SR-X50A’s “behind-the-scenes” sky channel. SR-X50A also has unique design elements in its cabinet structure.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

The side of the cabinet features SR-X50A’s dedicated bass reflex port, and the internal rear chamber design allows for airflow adjustments when the units are in operation, resulting in dynamic and powerful audio quality.

As for the WS-X1A, which handles the surround channels, it not only emits sound waves in freely placed spaces but also doubles as contemporary interior decor, delivering both auditory and visual appeal.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

When giving space back to users, the Yamaha SR-X50A soundbar kit provides users with an immersive sound experience. This kit doesn’t just “support” Dolby Atmos panoramic sound technology; it is custom-designed from product structure, circuit design, internal components, and more, prioritizing true-to-life sound reproduction.

Yamaha’s design team adjusted the low-frequency portion using Dolby Audio Processing (DAP) technology and enhanced the detail and clarity of human voices with Qualcomm’s QACT (Qualcomm Audio Customization Tool). As a result, the SR-X50A soundbar kit not only meets the strict technical standards of Dolby Atmos but also aligns with Yamaha’s enduring “True Sound” concept.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

For those of you who are lazy gamers or complete novices when it comes to audio systems, here are some suggestions for unboxing and setting up the Yamaha SR-X50A soundbar:

The SR-X50A soundbar, designed with Yamaha’s True Sound concept optimization, has a shell, bass reflex ports, and fabric materials, all meticulously crafted to enhance sound details. If you want to take advantage of these details, consider placing the soundbar below your TV (or projector screen). If you have a TV stand, you can place it there, or if conditions permit, you can mount it directly on the wall.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Unlike previous soundbars that required continuous tweaking and repositioning after placement to achieve clearer sound, the SR-X50A doesn’t need such adjustments. It boasts high environmental compatibility so you can experience the charm of panoramic sound right after placement.

If you place the Yamaha SR-X50A in your living room, consider positioning the subwoofer next to your couch. This way, you’ll better feel the low-frequency power. Alternatively, you can place it in a corner, against a wall, or near the soundbar. The subwoofer is compact, so it should find a suitable spot in most living room environments.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

As for the WS-X1A, it plays two roles. Firstly, it is a wireless surround speaker, ideally placed on both sides of your couch, aligned as closely as possible with your head for optimal sound effects. Secondly, it transforms into a portable Bluetooth speaker that can accompany you in the kitchen, study, or bedroom. Press the “solo” button, and it’ll provide you with music wherever you go.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Sound Performance

The movie “John Wick” has taken on a new level of realism, transcending the boundaries of home theater and approaching the immersive effects of a cinema’s panoramic sound hall.

Especially in the underground gunfight scene in “John Wick 2,” you can feel the impact of the shotgun blasts and appreciate the intricate details of the gunshots echoing in the underground tunnel, all enhanced by the SR-X50A soundbar system.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

With the support of Dolby Atmos, it even creates an illusion of stepping into John Wick’s shoes, immersing you in the narrow underground tunnel for an intense gunfight experience. The Yamaha SR-X50A’s sharp, dynamic effects ensure the powerful shotgun blasts remain crisp and clear.

Switching to the game “Forza Horizon 5,” racing games are inherently the perfect choice to test the immersive sound effects of a soundbar. In this game’s DLC featuring the upside-down “Halo Racetrack,” the gameplay tests how well the sound channels connect seamlessly.

The SR-X50A effortlessly maintains silky smooth transitions in the gaming experience, consistently delivering a strong sense of atmosphere. This enhances the overall enjoyment of the gameplay.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Thanks to the meticulous tuning by Yamaha’s design team, the SR-X50A soundbar kit impressed you and earned recognition from the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) professional judges. It has been awarded the EISA Soundbar System 2023-2024, highlighting its ability to provide a seamless and immersive audio experience.


Since Yamaha embarked on crafting soundbars and continuously refining and enhancing audio quality while exploring various structural and hardware possibilities, for those seeking to experience Dolby Atmos in their everyday living spaces, the Yamaha SR-X50A soundbar kit undoubtedly stands as a flagship solution.

Yamaha SR-X50A Soundbar

Whether you’re an everyday consumer without prior knowledge of audio systems or a seasoned audio enthusiast, this Dolby Atmos soundbar combination is undoubtedly worth a try.