Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini Bookshelf Speaker Review

Welcome to the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini Speaker Review. Dynaudio Acoustics has been a renowned brand in the audio industry for over four decades, producing high-end professional audio equipment. The M4 Mini is a bookshelf speaker with a 3-way electronic crossover design.

The speaker is designed to provide accurate and low-distortion sound reproduction at various volumes, and its large size and dynamic range make it suitable for multiple music genres. The review will focus on the speaker’s performance in different aspects, such as vocals, low-frequency response, dynamics, and clarity.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

About Dynaudio

Dynaudio Acoustics was established in 1990 by Mr. Andy Munro and Mr. Ejvind Skaaning, while Dynaudio for home use was founded in 1977. Despite their similar names, these are two separate brands with different product offerings. Dynaudio Acoustics specializes in high-end studio listening speakers.

The reason for the similar names is that Mr. Ejvind Skaaning, one of the founders of Dynaudio, was involved in establishing Dynaudio Acoustics. Even though Dynaudio had already retired when they founded the company in 1990, they maintained a good relationship. As a result, the drivers used in Dynaudio Acoustics are still manufactured by Dynaudio today.

However, the drivers used by Dynaudio Acoustics are only for their use, and consumers should view them as two distinct brands. Therefore, it is common for different agencies to be responsible for distributing them worldwide.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

Mr. Andy Munro, another founder of Dynaudio Acoustics, has over 30 years of experience in recording engineering and equipment. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and joined Shure Brothers after graduating. In 1980, he established his own company, Munro Associates, and later founded the Munro Acoustics Group, which holds the trademark for Dynaudio Acoustics.

Over the years, Munro Acoustics Group has designed recording studios for various industries worldwide, including television stations, recording studios, film, broadcasting, and more. Notable installations include the Finnish National Opera House and the Russian Kremlin. With Mr. Munro’s extensive experience and expertise in recording engineering, Dynaudio Acoustics has become a reputable brand in the high-end studio listening speaker market.


Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini is a compact, full-range listening speaker. Compared to its flagship model M4+P, M4 Mini has a smaller cabinet volume and fewer 12-inch woofers, with only two instead of four. Despite the size reduction, the speaker configuration remains the same. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller listening spaces, providing flexibility in placement while delivering accurate and low-distortion sound reproduction at various volume levels.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

The M4 Mini adopts a 3-way design, featuring an electronic crossover for three-way crossover and an additional passive crossover between the mid-high range drivers and the tweeter. The tweeter uses the classic 1″ Esotar T330D soft silk dome diaphragm, known for its exceptional sound quality. With these features, the M4 Mini can deliver a well-balanced and natural sound, making it a popular choice for professional audio engineers and music enthusiasts.

The mid-range and treble unit of the M4 Mini is a 2″ M560D soft dome diaphragm driver, which has excellent matching characteristics with the tweeter. The passive crossover is set at a crossover point of 5.5kHz, making the connection seamless.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

The M4 Mini has two 7″ 17W75 midrange drivers and two 12″ 30W100XL woofers. These drivers feature Dynaudio’s proprietary one-piece exclusive MSP diaphragm, which provides exceptional rigidity and speed of response. The speaker also has four bass reflex openings outside, allowing for efficient low-frequency reproduction.

Despite its size, the M4 Mini is designed as a bookshelf speaker. The photo shows the original tripod stand, which Dynaudio Acoustics outsource. With its compact size and flexible placement options, the M4 Mini is an excellent choice for those who want a high-end listening experience in a smaller space.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini users can directly connect it to their power amplifier, as it is a 3-way electronic crossover design requiring three amplifiers. The recommended amplifier model for the tweeter is the DCA 800, while two DCA 1400 amplifiers can power the midrange and bass. Using a self-made amplifier is often the best way to achieve the sound and performance that the designer intended.
Senser Audio recommends pairing it with the American Spectral for the pre-amplifier part.

Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini

This combination ensures optimal performance and sound quality. Users can achieve the best audio experience with the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 Mini by selecting the right amplification equipment and components.

Sound Performance

When listening to different music, we came across “Evasioni & Fughe” by The Bass Gang, which features multiple double basses. The performance of the M4 Mini is impressive, with ample energy in the low frequencies. The sound is clean and rich, without any muddiness.


It maintains balance and smoothness throughout the double bass range, effectively conveying the full and proper body of the instrument. The sound signature is incredibly neutral, clear, fresh, and pleasing. The mid and low-frequency control is exceptional, providing just the right detail without additional reverberation or indistinctness. The plucked strings’ subtle dynamic contrasts and precise sound positioning are clearly conveyed, making for a remarkable listening experience.

When it comes to vocal singing, the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 mini embodies a listening speaker’s neutral, faithful characteristics while also being very pleasing to the ears. Its clarity and detail performance are impeccable, and the sound texture is natural and high-density, which sets it apart from other speakers.

With no bias in the timbre, the high-pitched tones are smooth with a gentle extension that is not harsh, providing an optimal listening experience. Despite being larger than typical audio-visual speakers, the M4 mini boasts a full and sufficient sound field range and energy. The stage sense it creates is natural and not exaggerated, resulting in a balanced image and sound field comparison.

Let’s focus on the low-frequency performance of the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 mini, including dynamics, energy, control, and clarity. We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to fully utilize the capabilities of the dual 12″ woofers and matching amplifier. One of the tests we conducted was listening to “Battlecry” by Two Steps From Hell, mainly used in film soundtracks. Just by looking at the album cover and title, you can tell that grandeur is the basic element.


A large orchestra plays it and features a lot of low-frequency dynamic demonstration. The Dynaudio Acoustics M4 mini fully demonstrated its acoustic performance, large-scale sound field, great stage effect, and low-frequency energy that constantly massaged the sofa. The transient response was impactful and controlled, and the dynamics were extremely large, while the low frequency was deep.

The whole experience was fast, deep, unrestrained, and rigorous. When pairing the speakers, you don’t have to worry about the type of music but rather whether the structure of your home decoration can bear it. When I tested the speakers at high volume, I touched them specially and found that the vibration of the cabinet was so slight that it could be ignored. It’s hard to describe the dynamic display in words.


In conclusion, the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 mini is a high-performance speaker system that delivers excellent sound quality across the entire frequency spectrum. With its 3-way electronic crossover design and multiple high-quality drivers, this speaker produces a balanced and neutral sound that is detailed and pleasant to listen to.

The M4 Mini reproduces complex and dynamic music genres with deep, controlled, and accurate bass responses. It is perfect for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the best sound quality and performance. Despite its size, the M4 Mini produces a large and engaging soundstage that can easily fill even large listening spaces.

Overall, the Dynaudio Acoustics M4 mini is a unique speaker system that delivers unparalleled sound quality and performance, making it a highly recommended choice for discerning listeners.