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Dynaudio Confidence 20 Review

The real change for Dynaudio may start with this pair of speakers: Dynaudio Confidence 20. This new confidence series also has C30, C50, and C60.

Dynaudio developed this series in the early 1990s and named it “Confidence”, probably because they themselves had strong confidence in this product. But, unfortunately, only two models were produced that year: Confidence No. 3 and Confidence No. 5. 

At present, the second-hand prices of these two models of speakers have begun to climb, exceeding the brand-new prices released that year. That shows that after twenty-five years of producing the confidence series, audiophiles have confidence in it. Of course, this confidence is a bit late, but it is a signature of Dynaudio.

dynaudio confidence 20 bookshelf speaker

Dynaudio produced the second generation of confidence series at the beginning of the new century: C1, C2, C4, because Dynaudio constantly improved. The C3 and C5 models were then changed to the platinum version, and it was widely praised, but the price was also changed to a very high price.


The Spike / Footpad

Now this generation of Confidence series is considered the third generation. In terms of price, the confidence C20 is more expensive than the C1 platinum version.

The spike feet of Confidence 20 are very delicate in terms of materials and artistry. 

There are clear recommendations in the official manual: use a damping pad or spike feet on a soft carpet’s surface to get a better pressure point-to-point contact. The Dynaudio Confidence 20 spike feet/footpad can be described as considerate in detail for the home listening environment.

dynaudio confidence 20 spike

The Dynaudio Confidence 20 speaker is obviously larger than the old confidence C1. The box structure has also been changed from the elongated type of the previous generation C1 to a bullet shape with a wide front and a narrow rear. Furthermore, the trapezoidal and arc-shaped cross-sectional box structures used in the Evoke and Contour series have been further improved. 

Upgraded Material

In addition to the shape of the front baffle is clearly distinguished from the previous generation, the more important thing is the material difference. 

Confidence 20 loudspeaker uses the mysterious Compex composite baffle, which is stronger than the aluminum alloy baffle. This design reduces the weight and obtains the most suitable ultra-low resonance characteristics for the speaker unit. 

Audiophiles who have studied audio shock absorbers should have this experience: the sound balance of high-quality composite material shock absorbers is much better than that of a single material. That is because complex baffle has such magical characteristics. Hence, it can be called “black magic”.

dynaudio confidence 20 loudspeaker

But there is a prerequisite. There must be enough high R&D technology accumulation and repeated material experiments. It can’t be successful if you hit and miss it casually. Developers must have both technical and financial capabilities. 

Therefore, few speaker manufacturers use composite materials as baffles in the industry. Dynaudio’s new confidence series is also the first time that Dynaudio has adopted this baffle technology in all its products in more than 40 years. The R&D investment and difficulty are evident.

The Driver Unit

More than ten years after taking over the reputation of the T330D tweeter, the Esotar² tweeter has finally retired from the confidence series, replaced by the Esotar3 tweeter with more powerful performance.

That is known as the strongest tweeter in the history of Dynaudio, which includes: ultra-high-quality neodymium magnet system, innovative airflow guidance technology, and new Hexis built-in hard dome technology. 

dynaudio confidence 20 tweeter

Esotar3 also has higher sensitivity, and its sound pressure level is even significantly higher than that of two Esotar2. Thus, at present, it seems that Dynaudio’s position as the industry leader in the research and development of soft dome tweeters is still difficult to shake.

Although the 18 cm diameter NeoTec long-stroke MSP woofer newly developed by Dynaudio for Confidence 20 brings several new technologies. 

Whether the unique airflow system inside the woofer magnet or Dynaudio’s newer Nomex centering support enhances unit control and reduces linear distortion, they are all technically designed. 

Dynaudio’s confidence in giving up the original mid-bass unit design. Can the blessing of new technology allow the long-stroke mid-woofer to complement each other and achieve an excellent blend of Confidence 20? Let us find that out through the test.


Positioning: Dynaudio Confidence 20 is still the standard feature of Dynaudio, the vocals or instruments are visible, and it is lively and intelligent, not rigid. 

dynaudio confidence 20 design

General bookshelf speakers can achieve precise positioning, but there is a difference between dull and vivid, which is very important. The positioning of this pair of speakers is not just standing in one place stubbornly. Instead, its positioning has a sense of expansion and contraction. It is agile, vivid, and alive.

A. Level:  A sound with a good level of ability can make people feel different instruments’ front and back positions when playing band works. Those with more vital knowledge can distinguish the height of the musical instrument and the width. 

More vital sound matching must reflect The sense of musical connection between the various levels. The music it expresses is not mechanical clarity but mutual harmony after clarity.

B. Sound quality: The sound quality of Confidence 20 will be obscured to a certain extent due to the performance of more colors. However, the unique line ability of Dynaudio speakers still emerges firmly, which is created by rich and accurate details. 

All speakers made with Dynaudio speakers have this characteristic. However, due to the increased sensuality, its lines are a bit close to the West Lake.

dynaudio confidence 20 woofer

C. Balance: Older models of Dynaudio speakers are challenging to achieve overall balance. They all need the ability to work with low frequencies. That is the difficulty of Driving Dynaudio, but also the fun. 

But this pair of Dynaudio confidence 20 obviously changed this. Its low frequency is richer, thicker, and more. Under the premise of maintaining low-frequency elasticity, more low-frequency energy makes people easy to feel satisfied. The low frequency is very heavy, and the sense of balance is naturally easy to achieve.

Sound performance

First of all, my impression of the sound is that Confidence 20 is indeed better than the platinum version of C1. Although my McIntosh MA9000 power amplifier, 600w power is no problem for these two pairs of speakers. But when driving the platinum version of C1 speakers, I at least should have an increase of 5-7 dB is needed to obtain a strength similar to that of Confidence 20. 

As a result, the adaptability of Confidence 20 in the choice of the power amplifier is significantly increased compared to the previous generation products. Furthermore, compared with the earlier generation Confidence C1, the new confidence Confidence 20 is both internal and external.

dynaudio confidence 20 rear

Compared with C1, Confidence 20 has dramatically improved bandwidth, detail and low-frequency drive, and sense of energy. However, if the previous generation Confidence C1 Platinum Edition is a typical representative of the considerable power of small speakers when it is driven well, then Confidence 20 really cannot treat it as a bookshelf box.

The long-stroke design of the new NeoTec mid-woofer is excellent in low-frequency diving and energy. In addition, although the speaker’s cabinet size is much larger than that of C1, the design of the bass port that opens downward makes the distance between the speaker and the back wall not as critical as C1.

Because of the rich low frequency, the integrity of the overall sound structure presented by Confidence 20 is far from comparable to speakers of the same size. However, it even surpasses quite a few small floor speakers.

High and low-frequency sound performance

In terms of sound, the Confidence 20 using Esotar3’s top tweeter is more open and natural in high frequencies, presenting the airy feel of high-end speakers. But, at the same time, the sound is not bright at all. 

It is a kind of softness. The performance of the high-frequency range reminds me of Dynaudio’s professional monitor speakers, which are accurate, neutral and open, and always maintain a very soft sense of hearing.

Compared with the top diamond tweeters I have heard, I think the high frequencies of the diamond tweeters will be more gorgeous, and the high range performance of the Dynaudio Esotar3 is more restrained, perhaps more suitable for those who like the sound “deep”.

dynaudio confidence 20 speaker

Although Confidence 20 is just a pair of bookshelf speakers, the low-frequency dive is still great in terms of low-frequency sound performance. Like the previous Contour 20, it can extend down to 40 Hz and is amplifier-friendly (minimum impedance 5 ohms).

Diving in the bookshelf speaker is excellent and easy to drive. And its low frequency is a relatively loose type in the bookshelf box, and it has a temperament close to that of a floor-standing speaker.

Audiophiles who have studied the Dynaudio brand know that Dynaudio was founded by two Germans who went to Dynaudio. Therefore, the sound style has the rigor and rationality unique to the “German Voice”. This German-style sound bottom has been significantly weakened in the new profile Confidence 20. On Confidence 20, the performance is more thorough.

The sound style of Confidence 20 is Nordic now! Very Danish! Confidence 20 presents a very beautiful sound that is more suitable for mass music lovers, rich, loose, stretched, and at the same time somewhat beautiful and sweet.

Dynaudio Confidence 20 speaker is easy to relax people’s bodies and minds. The sound is very comfortable and pleasant, and it can also make people feel the sound of solid surging and enveloping in an instant. This kind of sound base has the noble and delightful sense of some Nordic Hi-End speaker brands. 

At the same time, it contains a bit rich atmosphere like high-quality American audio. Dynaudio’s new tuning approach has improved the adaptability of playing all kinds of music. Even watching music movies will be very enjoyable!

dynaudio confidence 20 binding post


The performance of Dynaudio Confidence 20 bookshelf speaker in all aspects has reached a new height of Dynaudio Bookshelf Speaker. It tries to break a lot of our previous knowledge of bookshelf speakers. The requirements for the listening environment and the driving force of the power amplifier are significantly lower than those of the previous generation.

In addition to careful consideration of the acoustic structure, the exterior design is also easy to integrate into the home living environment. It is undeniable that the new confidence series has indeed changed from the previous generations of confidence series in terms of sound style. But how should we view this change?

These changes indeed make us have to be separated from the unique sense of cohesion and compactness in the Tanner Old Confidence series. However, the change of Confidence 20 gives listeners many more high-quality and precious sound characteristics that were difficult to obtain in the previous generation of Confidence C1.

Dynaudio Confidence 20 Specs

  • Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V / 1m)
  • IEC power handling: 250W
  • Impedance: 6 Ω (Minimum 5 Ω @ 155Hz)
  • Frequency response (± 3 dB): 42Hz–22kHz
  • Box Principle: Bass reflex down-firing port
  • Crossover: 2 way
  • Crossover frequency: 2325Hz
  • Crossover topology: 2nd order
  • Woofer: 18cm MSP
  • Tweeter: 28 mm Esotar3
  • Specification sheet for Confidence part 1
  • Weight: 15.2 kg/33.5 lbs
  • Weight including stand: 27 kg/59.6 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 223 x 520 x 414 mm
  • 8 25/32 x 20 15/32 x 16 19/64 Inches
  • Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D): 223 x 520 x 444 mm / 8 25/32 x 20 15/32 x 17 31/64 Inches
  • Dimensions including stand: 368 x 1134 x 458 mm / 14 1/2 x 44 5/8 x 18 inches