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Edifier G2000 Gaming Speaker Review

Today we’re taking a look at a pair of gaming speakers for those of you that prefer to use. You may have already heard of Edifier. It’s a company that makes all kinds of high-quality audio solutions. Edifier has released quite a lot of awesome speaker series, like S2000MK III, Airpulse A300 pro, S880DB and so on. In this post, we’re checking out their G2000 gaming speakers.

Edifiers G2000 gaming speaker is a pretty small desktop speaker that has three connectivity options. It has RGB LED-lit with preset EQ options built straight into them.

Specs-wise the G2000 is featuring a 2.75-inch full range base unit with 16 watt RMS power output. Both speakers have a power output of 8 watts and a maximum power of 16 watts. They have a frequency response of 98 hertz to 20 kilohertz.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop gaming speaker


Packaging wise, it’s a well-presented professional looking box with a black grey and blue theme. It’s not over the top in advertising the gaming element that we often see from other companies. If I saw this in a shop, the box would appeal to me personally.

There’s an excellent display of all the Edifier G2000 gaming speakers’ ports and angles on the back of the box, along with the specifications. Opening up the box, we’re greeted with a thank-you card, a manual. For the cables, we get a 3.5-millimeter to 3.5-millimetre aux cable. It’s a rubber cable which I’m happy about because it’s a good quality one too. It has gold plated connections. It’s not too thick but sturdy enough, and the rubber is not tacky in feel either. We have a USB A to USB B cable. The connections are not gold plated. The cable is slightly thicker, but it is the same rubber that can be found here.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktopgaming stereo speaker

The speakers are well packaged, being held in by plastic inserts. You can see that a non-detachable cable connects both speakers. It’s for around two meters and also has the same excellent quality rubber coating.

I’m a little bit disappointed that this cable is non-detachable. I always found pc speakers that had non-detachable cables slightly frustrating as they may not have enough length. Also, if there were ever a cable break, you can’t change them quickly either. Simultaneously, most music-specific monitors have dedicated XLR ports for both speakers to connect on the back of them. These are much better as you can buy a specific length XLR cable for your requirements. If they ever break, then they’re straightforward to replace.

Are monitor speakers good for gaming?

I have to specify that pc speakers with detachable cables and most definitely music monitors are usually way more expensive than these little G2000s. Monitor speakers are also not ideal for gaming as they usually have a very flat EQ profile. So I would recommend against using them unless the music is your priority.

Everything else about the G2000 looks excellent, though. The plastic housing has a nice matte finish around the sides, feeling sturdy with excellent build quality. There are no sharp edges, and there’s no rattle when you shake them either. I love the shape and design of the speakers. They look great on your desk, and they’re slightly angled up too as they’re relatively small, which I like as well.

Each speaker has G2000 in gloss black on the front, and the outside, we have Edifier in grey. I’m thankful there’s no mention of gaming on the speakers themselves, as I always feel like this makes products look a little bit tacky.

The Master / Slave Speaker

On the back of the master speaker, we have a full-size USB port, a 3.5-millimeter aux input, another 3.5-millimeter for an external sub if you have one. The sub out is a great addition. We also have the power port. On the side of the master speaker, we have some buttons and toggles.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop speaker connections

The slave speaker requires no power. It gets its power through the cable that attaches to the master speaker. This speaker has no I/O or anything at all. You can operate both of them from the master speaker, and it will change any EQ or connectivity settings and apply them to both speakers.

The LED Features

So you may have noticed that the white panels on the back of both G2000 speakers and strips on the left and right too. These are for RGB LEDs. When you power on the Edifier G2000, then those RGB zones light up. It’s default at blue, which is matching Edifier’s blue company logo. The LED zones themselves are diffused, and they aren’t blinding LEDs. Instead, they’re a sort of consistent soft hue. They look great from the back, but if you have these backed right up against the wall, you’re not going to see these zones. But I would have liked to see an RGB strip maybe across the top panel where there’s nothing there. But it is a subtle design choice, and I have no problem with it.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop speaker side control function

What is nice is the ability that you can change the RGB from the speakers. This takes us to the first button on the master speaker. Pressing the button is actually to change between EQ settings. There are three settings: music, game, and movie modes. Holding this button instead of pressing it cycles between the RGB, so you get solid turquoise, red, green, blue, yellow, and then after that, it goes around and becomes a breathing animation.

There’s an RGB led off mode too, which I’m glad to see as an option because I know quite a few people don’t care for RGB. It takes a while to cycle around all of these colors and options because you have that single button, and you have to press and hold to change between all of them. I don’t see it as a big issue as once you’ve found your setting, you can leave it where you want to.

The Connection

Let’s talk about the Edifier G2000’s connectivity. You have a USB connection, 3.5-millimeter aux. There’s a Bluetooth connection as well. This means you can connect them to almost anything, any game console or device in one way or another.

The button at the top turns the speakers on and off by pressing and holding the button, which turns the LEDs off as well once off or on when you turn it on.

Pressing the same button without holding it will change the input mode. The speaker tells you in a robotic female voice, USB input, a red led, aux input, a green led, and finally Bluetooth input, a flashing blue led. The connection is straightforward. Just open up your phone’s Bluetooth and connect to Edifier G2000. Once connected, you will hear a sound to confirm, and the blue led remains static instead of blinking. To disconnect Bluetooth, press the power button twice.

The Bluetooth

I’m really glad these aren’t just USB and aux gaming speakers. The addition of Bluetooth is excellent, and also the fact that these speakers are relatively small makes them ideal for being portable even if that’s not their intended usage. The Bluetooth version is 4.2. The G2000 connected via Bluetooth to the tablet changes the tablet’s entertainment possibilities, which helps with immersion, especially when watching movies. The Edifier G2000 gaming speakers will automatically reconnect to your device too when you’ve turned it off and on, so there’s no need to pair multiple times.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop speaker LED

The final button on the G2000 isn’t a button. Instead, it’s a chunky volume rocker, and I’m a huge fan. There’s plenty of room to get your thumb onto it to rock it up and down, and it works quickly too. While connected to Bluetooth, it will change your device’s volume, which I liked.

Things need to be Improved

Regardless I’m going to tell you my opinion on the G2000. As mentioned earlier, the lowest button pressed will change between movie, music, and game eq modes, which the speaker tells you when you press the button. You only have these presets, and there’s no way of adjusting the EQ unless you plug them into your sound card, and then you could adjust the EQ via the sound card, which would change the sound of these speakers. Honestly, though, for most users to aim at, at least the three presets will be fine.

When you power on the Edifier G2000, you’ll hear almost like a car engine revving up. It’s a little bit cheesy, in my opinion. Powering down also plays a sound. So again, it’s a little bit cheesy. It will appeal maybe to the younger gamers, but maybe not to the slightly older ones. These noises happen every time you turn the speakers on and off, and as far as I can see, there is absolutely no way of disabling these sounds.

Sound Performance

I tested all of these connection types, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth. As far as I could tell, there was no noticeable loss in quality between any of them. Setting the EQ to music mode, I listened to all sorts and quite a lot of it: metal, rock, jazz, 70s jazz, roll, instrumental guitar, etc. And I find there is a noticeable lack of bass. I wasn’t expecting the bass to be excellent as these speakers are small. If you want heavy bass, then luckily, they have that 3.5-millimeter base out for a sub on the back. That’s not to say that these have no bass at all, though. It’s quite the opposite for speakers this small the bass is pretty impressive.

edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop speaker

Where these speakers shine are the equal lows, mids, and highs. They’re not tinny with too much high-frequency response, which is honestly what I expected to find when I first looked at them. Instead, they’re equally mixed and extremely clear. You get a great representation of the music you choose to listen to, especially instrumental music. With the speakers loud at about 65, I could hear the tonal differences between each instrument playing, even when playing in unison. That is quite a feat, and I am impressed.

These speakers get insanely loud as well on 100 volume. I can’t believe how loud they get. 65 is comfortable at the top end for me. 75 is maximum, and it fills the entire room. But I can’t put it above 75 percent. It’s just too much.

Watching Netflix on my PC via USB mode with the movie EQ preset active was also quite impressive. Movies often have a louder music score over dialogue with sound effects like explosions going on at the same time. With lesser-quality speakers movie, audio can become muddy, and that’s not the case here. The music in the movies is clear and audible. Dialogue has clear separation, and you can feel the impact of sound effects too.

So music is brilliant, movies are great, but what about gaming? Luckily we aren’t let down here either. Everything I said about movie mode applies to the gaming EQ preset and gaming. As I’ve said, the equal level of bass, mids, and treble paired with the gaming EQ helps in games like “call of duty,” where you need to be able to hear footsteps and distant explosions. You don’t have to strain to hear the sounds you want to hear because they entirely cut through the mix.


edifier G2000 bluetooth desktop speaker side control

Despite my gripes about the USB cable being too short, the RGB LEDs are not overly noticeable. With the non-detachable cable between both Edifier G000 speakers and that cheesy noise on the start-up and turn off, I enjoyed the Edifier G2000 desktop speaker. If you’re a laptop gamer, desktop gamer, tablet gamer, or even just looking for a pair of smaller speakers to link to your tablet for watching movies in bed or something like that, then I recommend Edifiers G2000 gaming speaker.