Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker Review

For music enthusiasts and users with high demands for audio quality, an outstanding speaker product is essential. Studio monitor speakers are primarily used for audio production, allowing for more accurate sound reproduction. On the other hand, multimedia speakers have been finely tuned for improved sound quality, providing a more pleasing listening experience. Of course, studio monitor speakers can also be used for music enjoyment, but it ultimately depends on personal preference.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

As I have been actively engaged in video editing recently, I needed a studio monitor speaker to help me enhance my work. So, I ultimately decided to go for the “Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker.”

Edifier is a renowned audio brand dedicated to researching and manufacturing high-quality speakers and headphones. Their products have received favorable reviews and offer excellent value for money. The Edifier MR4 studio monitor speaker features a 4-inch driver with an advanced acoustic design and a Class-D amplifier, providing a powerful dynamic response and exquisite sound quality.

Additionally, it is equipped with a 6.35mm TRS balanced input interface, utilizing a high-quality ADC conversion chip to ensure precise audio signal capture and conversion. Now, let me take you through the specific details of this speaker.

What are Studio Monitor Speakers?

Studio monitor speakers are a unique type of audio equipment that differs from traditional high-fidelity speakers. They are specifically designed for professional applications. They are characterized by their ability to accurately reproduce sound across the high, mid, and low-frequency ranges without embellishments or modifications during playback, faithfully reproducing the audio signal.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

Unlike traditional audio devices, studio monitor speakers do not add coloration to the sound, allowing music and audio to be presented with exceptional clarity and authenticity. Their balance ensures that high, mid, and low frequencies are reproduced accurately and precisely, allowing you to hear every note and sound effect in the original recording. They provide:

  • Precise frequency response and neutral sound performance.
  • Enabling audio engineers and producers to assess the quality and details of audio materials.
  • Ensuring the best possible results during post-production and mixing stages.

Studio monitor speakers stand apart from regular speakers by emphasizing the unaltered presentation of the essence of music. They do not modify or enhance the sound in any way, making them a preferred choice for creators who seek the most faithful reproduction of audio signals. This fidelity to the original audio allows you to experience music in its purest form.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker


The cardboard outer packaging is quite large. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Main unit *1
  • Subunit *1
  • AUX cable 1.7m *1
  • 3.5mm to RCA cable *1
  • Red and black cable 2.5 meters *1
  • User manual *1
  • Warranty card *1

It’s safe to say that it comes with a comprehensive set of accessories.


The Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker boasts a minimalist and stylish exterior design. I opted for the black variant, which complements my desktop setup better compared to the white. It seamlessly blends into various indoor environments, enhancing overall aesthetics. Additionally, the speaker is equipped with anti-slip pads around its base, effectively preventing unwanted movement due to speaker vibrations and ensuring stability during use.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

Crafted from high-quality MDF wood with a sleek black finish, it exudes a premium look and exceptional texture. This not only reduces resonance but also brings out the essence of the original sound. The overall matte finish adds to its appeal, and its compact dimensions of 140x228x197.5 (184) mm make it easy to carry and place in terms of size and material quality.

The Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker features a high-quality ADC conversion chip, ensuring precise audio signal capture and conversion. This chip delivers low distortion and high-fidelity audio decoding, faithfully reproducing music details and dynamic range for a superior listening experience.

A prominent rotary knob on the speaker serves multiple functions beyond volume adjustment. It enables easy mode switching, power on/off, and mute functions. Operating the knob is straightforward; users can turn or press it to make adjustments. Long-pressing it toggles power, short-pressing activates the mute mode, and double-clicking switches between monitoring and music modes.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

If you have personalized sound preferences, you can adjust the rear-mounted bass and treble control knobs for fine-tuning the highs and lows.

It’s worth noting that setting up the Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker is straightforward. Use the provided RCA and connection cables to link the main and sub speakers, plug in the power, and you’re ready to go. It offers various connectivity options, including RCA unbalanced inputs and a 6.35mm TRS balanced input, making it compatible with multiple audio source devices, such as audio consoles, mixers, and other professional equipment.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

Furthermore, the speaker’s front panel provides headphone output and AUX input ports, making it convenient for users to connect to other devices.

While the Edifier MR4 falls within the entry-level studio monitor speaker category in terms of pricing, its configuration surpasses typical entry-level performance. It incorporates a second-order crossover network, allowing for purer signal input and producing more authentic sound from the high and low-frequency units.

Consider a few key points when placing the Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker. Firstly, this MR4 is a 2.0 speaker system comprising a main and a subunit. The unit with the volume control should be the main speaker and placed on the right side to avoid channel reversal, with the subunit on the left. Secondly, the speakers should be positioned with a 20-60cm gap from the wall, facing the listener to form an equilateral triangle with side lengths of 1-2 meters.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

The high-frequency unit (the smaller one) should be at ear level since high frequencies are directional; misalignment can affect the sound. It is also advisable to use speaker stands or damping foam pads to reduce the impact of resonance from the rear panel effectively.

The Driver

Having discussed the external design and connectivity options, let’s delve into the sound quality performance of the Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker. This speaker has 42 watts of power and features a 4-inch polypropylene diaphragm, delivering rich mid and low frequencies. Its monitoring circuit design faithfully reproduces the high, mid, and low-frequency ranges, allowing users to perceive the finer details and depth of music more accurately.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

The 1-inch silk dome tweeter also produces delicate high-frequency sound with a special coating to ensure natural and refined trebles. It seamlessly integrates with the specially designed front panel diffuser cone, producing even clearer sound quality. Whether listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker provides users an outstanding auditory experience.

Furthermore, regarding actual sound quality, especially in the mid and low-frequency ranges, the Edifier MR4 performs exceptionally well. The polypropylene diaphragm’s flexible and relaxed characteristics and the 1-inch silk diaphragm unit enhance the clarity and naturalness of both low and high frequencies. This design reinforces the diaphragm’s rigidity and hardness, improving bass volume and extending low-frequency depth.

The speaker utilizes a high-quality TI ADC conversion chip with a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 99 dB. Paired with the TI digital amplifier TAS5713 and built-in DSP technology, it allows precise sound adjustments. These configurations ensure the excellent performance of the MR4 speaker in dual modes, ensuring that it operates at its best and helps users appreciate music to the fullest.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

To achieve its monitoring-grade sound quality performance, the Edifier MR4 has undergone precise analysis using the German KLIPPEL system, with ten rounds of professional tuning, resulting in accurate audio reproduction. Combined with its 4-inch unit acoustic structure and the support of a high-power Class-D amplifier, the low-frequency response can reach down to an impressive 60Hz, delivering exceptional bass performance.

Sound Performance

The Edifier MR4 exhibits impressive resolution, faithfully presenting the nuances and details in the sound. Despite lacking a dedicated subwoofer, the bass it delivers is ample and authoritative without overwhelming. At the same time, the high frequencies are bright and rounded, and the mid-range is solid and robust. As someone who primarily enjoys pop music in daily listening, its performance is truly commendable.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

In terms of sound modes, you’ll notice subtle differences between the monitoring mode and music mode when playing music. The monitoring mode offers a more natural and realistic sound, while the music mode may introduce slight coloration. For my everyday listening, I prefer the monitoring mode. It’s akin to photography – just as I prefer unaltered and authentic photos, I find that music without excessive post-processing is more worthy of careful appreciation the more I listen to it.


The Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker is a compelling choice for audio enthusiasts, music producers, and anyone who values high-quality sound. Its minimalist and stylish design complements any environment, while its extensive features and connections make it versatile and user-friendly.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

What truly sets the MR4 apart is its exceptional sound performance. Its powerful 42W output reproduces sound with clarity, depth, and precision. The polypropylene diaphragm and silk dome tweeter deliver rich mid and high frequencies, while the bass is full and well-balanced. Whether you’re a music lover, movie buff, or gamer, the MR4 consistently provides an immersive auditory experience.

The choice between monitoring and music modes allows for flexibility in sound presentation, catering to personal preferences. In the monitoring mode, it captures the raw essence of music, akin to unaltered photography, making it a fantastic choice for those who appreciate authenticity in their audio.

Edifier MR4 Monitor Speaker

In summary, the Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speaker offers exceptional value for its price range. Suppose you’re looking for a speaker with accurate, high-quality sound, versatile connectivity options, and an elegant design. In that case, the MR4 is a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly enhance your audio experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your sound quality – consider adding the Edifier MR4 to your audio setup today.