edifier tws nb wireless active noise-cancelling earbuds

Edifier TWS NB Wireless Active Noise-cancelling Earbuds Review

Today, everyone wants to have a true wireless earbud of their own, so what features does it need to have to meet our shopping standards? I think the indispensable features are these: high value, excellent hardware performance, and good stability And good sound quality. Of course, it would be better if the price is not too high. And now, We are going to check out the brand new Edifier TWS NB. It is a brand new pair of truly wireless earbuds from Edifier that have active noise-cancelling. That is a pair that I first saw when I went to CES.

Design and Feature

Let’s go ahead and check out some of the features and what you get inside the box. The first thing I want to point out is Edifier TWS NB earbud does have a 13-millimetre graphene driver, so that’s already a larger driver compared to other truly wireless earbuds that have noise cancelling.

We know that as the current Bluetooth earbud products, most of them use balanced armature or dynamic drive technology. Each has its characteristics. However, at the beginning of the Edifier TWS NB earbud design, a larger graphene diaphragm unit was added to reflect the incredible acoustic experience better. To a certain extent, Its use is more analytic and penetrating than the previously balanced armature and dynamic technology, and the sound is more pleasant.

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Edifier TWS NB earbud does utilize an app, but I can pretty much tell you that it is pointless. It’s not doing anything to the earbuds themself. It’s not altering the EQ settings, so ultimately, what you’re able to do is turn the flashing lights on and off. I think you can set a timer, but anyway, I don’t find the app to be very useful, so it’s not necessary to use the earbuds.

The technology that’s in here does have Bluetooth 5.0, and it does have apt X playback. It can achieve 16bit/44.1kHz audio effects, and the bit rate is as high as 352kbps, which truly allows users to enjoy CD audiophile-level audio effects, bringing more sound details. So you’re getting some of the best Bluetooth quality. Another thing about the Qualcomm chip that it’s using truly wireless stereo technologies. That means it is connecting to the one that’s also relying on the other. I noticed the battery life because it causes one of the earbuds battery life to drain a little bit faster than the other. It’s not a huge deal breaker because the battery life is impressive, but we’ll talk about that in just a second.

As far as the IP rating, it is ipx4, which is kind of on the lower end of the spectrum. But the fact that it is even IP rated at all is a huge plus because some of the other are truly wireless earbuds that have noise-cancelling doesn’t even have an IP rating. So I give it a thumbs-up there.

Inside the box, you are getting the usual small, medium and large silicone ear tips. You’re getting two sizes of wingtips and even a medium and large size foam ear tip as well. So you have plenty of options to be able to find the right fit.

I’m happy to say that the charging cable is a USB type C cable, and the battery life is excellent. If you’re going to use these with the active noise-canceling turned on, you’re going to get around 5 hours of battery life on the earbuds, wherewith the charging case, you’re going to get approximately 22 hours total. But if you decide to use these with the noise-canceling turned off, you’re going to get around 11 hours of battery life on the earbuds with approximately 33 hours total using the case. So you can see a huge difference between using the noise canceling on or just using them with the noise-canceling turned off.

The case is pretty solid. I do like the design of it even though I think it is relatively large. I like that the USB type C input is right next to the four indicator lights, so you have a good indication of how much battery life is left on the case. When you flip the lid up, the one thing I like about these is they have clips to hold the earbuds in place. So it’s not one of those that you have to flip the lid and worry that the earbuds will fall out.

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Moving over to the earbuds, it fits the design of the case where these are relatively large. But given that all of the other truly wireless earbuds that have noise-cancelling have that same design where they stick out of your ear a little bit, I think Edifier TWS NB has to do with the fact that the noise-cancelling technology mixed in with the battery and some of the other things are causing these to be a little bit larger than the regular truly wireless earbuds.

As far as your controls go, you have actual button controls that sit along the top, which controls everything. Still, the volume you can switch between the noise-cancelling modes so you can turn your noise-cancelling on you can turn it off. These also have an aware ambient mode, so the mics will allow some of the sound around you to channel in and basically, you can carry on conversations without having to take these things out of your ears.

Suppose you’re going to try to compare these to the Sony’s or the one Moore’s. I would say that the noise cancelling is not on those levels, but you’re also not having to pay the price of some of the other ones. Sony’s noise-cancelling products are way more expensive. At least you have different price ranges, and it just depends on what you want to spend and what you’re willing to get out of them because the Edifier is the lowest price. As far as the noise-cancelling goes, it is also on the lower spectrum. It will block out some humming. It will dull out a lot of the voices around you, but you’re still going to get the sense of hearing those things around you. But, when you turn the music on and turn it up a little bit, that’s going to block out the majority of the stuff around you already.

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Using your earbuds individually, at first, it seemed as though you could only use the left on its own. But I found out that you can pair the right one separately when you go through your phone. You only have to do that one time later. Whenever you decide which one you want to pull out of the case, you can use either the left or the right by themselves.

The microphones, I think these do an excellent job of picking up my voice. It doesn’t say that it has the CVC technology to block out the outside surroundings, but I still found that these did an outstanding job of just focusing on my voice.

Sound Performance

Let’s move over to the sound of the edifier TWS NB wireless active noise-cancelling earbuds. The best way to describe the sound of these it is a very clear, summer-friendly sound. It is a very warm sound. It is a very smooth sound. It doesn’t seem as though any frequency is trying to do too much. I noticed when you turn the volume up that the treble can hit the point of being a little harsh. Although I will say the volume on this will be a complaint about a lot of people, I found that you feel like you want another notch or two, so it didn’t get as loud as some of the other ones.

I still think it’s plenty loud, but for those that like to listen to their music extremely loud, these are not going to hit that volume level. But bass is going to hit you, and that kind of fits with the warmer sound signature. The bass has a lot of presence, but at least the bass is not taking over. The mids seem like they are sitting back a little bit. It kind of fits the smooth overall tone. It doesn’t feel like the mids are trying to do too much. It’s not trying to push the vocalist in front of you. It’s not getting buried behind anything, either. It just feels like it flows very naturally with the rest of the frequencies, and overall it is nice to listen to.

If you’re somebody who likes an overall brighter sound or a general just cleaner, more detailed sound, this isn’t going to be the earbud that will have those frequencies stand out. I feel like the earbud is just doing a very excellent job of having all three frequencies have a very nice balance. As far as the sound stage and good imaging, this isn’t the most open pair of truly wireless earbuds I’ve heard. It sounded more like I was in a medium-sized room and the details and picking up instruments. I had no issues there. I do feel like if there was a little bit more push in the mid-range and maybe a little bit more in the treble, it would be a lot more detailed sounding. But being able to tell where things are coming from again is not an issue.

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As far as my cons with Edifier TWX NB wireless active noise-cancelling earbuds, it’s not anything serious it’s the fact that the case is large, the earbuds are large, and the active noise-cancelling is doing an excellent job. It’s still on the lower spectrum compared to some of the other truly wireless earbuds now. As far as the sound goes, I think it’s going to be pleasing to many people. I enjoyed listening to I wanted to listen to an earbud that’s just not trying to do too much on one end or the other again at times. I would like to have a little bit more volume. Overall I think people will be very pleased, and this is an excellent pickup to have noise cancelling on a pair of truly wireless earbuds.