JBL L82 vintage speaker

JBL L82 Classic – JBL Newly Launches in CES 2020

Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, recently announced the launch of JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Speaker at CES. This product is the latest bookshelf version of the brand’s best-selling speaker JBL L100. The legendary L100 three-way bookshelf speaker was released in 1970.

For more than 70 years, JBL has been providing audio equipment for concert halls, recording studios and movie theatres around the world, and has become the leading brand of record artists and sound engineers.

The legendary JBL 4310 professional monitor helped people produce a lot of popular hit albums in the 1960s and 70s. JBL4310 is the inspiration for the L100 speakers which was introduced in 1970. The JBL L100 speaker has become the best-selling one in JBL’s history.

The design of the JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Speaker is based on the JBL L100 Classic Bookshelf Speaker released in 2018. The L100 Classic Bookshelf Speaker inherits JBL’s traditional HiFi sound quality and romantic feelings for classical aesthetics and has achieved great success in the market. The speaker is a two-way, 8-inch, more compact speaker, but it still ensures an excellent HiFi listening experience. The design of the L82 combines modern and retro aesthetics.

JBL L82 classic

The new JBL L82 Classic bookshelf speaker has a small volume, but its sound and design make people immediately understand the classic meaning. As a compact model of the L100 Classic bookshelf speaker, the L82 Classic speaker can also bring more enjoyment to more music lovers.

The iconic 8-inch (200mm) 2-way configuration of the new L82 Classic inherits the legendary design of JBL 8 2-way speakers. At the same time, it integrates a brand new driver, crossover network and various functions. The unique design allows the product to meet the highest performance standards of the 21st century fully. The classic slim JBL L82 is equipped with advanced JBL transducers, including JW200PW-6 pure pulp cone woofer and JT025TI1-4 titanium tweeter.

With its excellent dynamic range and contrast, simple and effortless high output and precise high-impact bass, the L82 Classic improves the performance of the JBL 8 dating back to the 1970s. The L82 Classic adopts a very modern design with extremely high detail resolution in the full bandwidth. This classic L82 product will surely become a new legend for music lovers around the world.

The L82 Classic Bookshelf Speaker is equipped with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter and has an HF Level attenuator on the front panel. This tweeter is also used in L100 Classic speakers.

JBL L82 Classic

The L82 Classic bookshelf speaker continues the attractive retro design, including the iconic Quadrex foam grille front cover. The mask has a choice of three colours: black, orange and blue. The cabinet is made of American Maple wood board. The user can place it horizontally or vertically when listening.

The accessories of the L82 Classic Bookshelf Speaker include the JS-80 floor stand (sold in pairs). Users can use the stand to adjust the different height and angle of the tweeter to the listener. Besides, users can also purchase Quadrex retro foam grille sets (available in black orange or blue) to suit different furniture environments.

The LS82 Classics will sell for $2500/pair.An optional JS-80 floor stand is available at $250/pair. And if you can’t settle on just one grille colour, JBL has you covered, offering additional grilles for sale at $199/pair.