Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker

Q Acoustics 3030i Desktop Speaker Review

Q Acoustics was established in 2006 and is a relatively young British company. Although it does not have a rich historical background, it does not have the traditional baggage and framework misconceptions, which is its most significant advantage. They believe in science and data, and the goal is to design the best products at affordable prices and defeat the same price competitors.

This time, the latest Q Acoustics 3030i was received, which could be said to be the first market evaluation. After the test, I silently added Q Acoustics to the list, and it was a brand worth recommending to friends.

Q Acoustics 3030i is the latest product. You can first refer to the 3020i review. The only difference between the two is the size of the mid-bass driver. The smaller 3020i is a 5-inch mid-bass driver, while the 3030i is a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver. The box volume and weight are also slightly larger, and the design concept and colour are the same. The two are very similar, just different in size.

The Q Acoustics Team

Q Acoustics is composed of a young team. They are very different from other speaker brands and are not composed of romantic music enthusiasts or musicians but are established by pure engineers and people in business. These two representatives are the most practical.

Q Acoustics 3030i desktop

This feature is clearly visible in the company’s introduction. The Q Acoustics team knows that focusing on acoustic engineering and excellent design can have a chance of success if they produce products that surpass their same-price competitors. This clear goal has enabled Q Acoustics to establish a good record in the past ten years.

Q Acoustics covers most of the speakers used in home entertainment. Engineering technology and acoustic technology for designing speakers are their strengths. They are not limited to serving two-channel users. Q Acoustics also has in-wall speakers, home theatres, TV soundbars and other products, providing high-level sound performance and affordable prices while achieving success in both products and business.

From the product timeline of the past ten years, every product of Q Acoustics at that time was inclined to be young, novel and stylish and concise in appearance.

Q Acoustics timeline

The Biggest Desktop Speaker in 3000i Series

The Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker is the latest addition to the 3000i series speakers, launched in 2015. These speakers are designed for use in Hi-Fi and home theatre systems. The 3030i is the most giant bookshelf speaker in the series and uses the same mid-bass unit as the 3050i floor-standing speakers. The 3000i series includes a total of 3 bookshelf speakers, one floor-standing speaker, one centre speaker, and one subwoofer, providing a complete home theatre setup.

High Design

The Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker uses two monomers, one of which is a 22mm micro-fibre spherical diaphragm tweeter. That is the same size as the tweeter used in other models in the 3000i series, and it is characterized by the use of Q Acoustics’ decoupled tweeter design. This effectively separates the tweeter from the vibrations of the mid-bass unit, avoiding interference and allowing the mid-bass to be played to its full potential while maintaining a clean and clear sound for the treble. The mid-bass unit uses an impregnated coated paper diaphragm with a rubber suspension edge. The coating provides:
● Additional damping and rigidity.
● Reducing basin split and lousy resonance.
● Resulting in accurate and fast sound reproduction.

The 3000i series of Q Acoustics are available in four colours, grey, walnut grain, black and white.

Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker image 01-min

Better Structure

The 3030i speaker features an improved cabinet design that uses point-to-point (P2P) technology to simulate the cabinet structure through computer calculations. That allows the placement of internal supports to be optimized, reducing unnecessary resonance and resulting in a cleaner and clearer sound.

The speaker also includes a bass reflex hole and sound-absorbing foam that can be inserted into the hole, allowing users to adjust the distance from the speaker to the rear wall and fine-tune the volume. The speaker terminals are compatible with Y plugs and 4mm banana plugs, and the manufacturer recommends using QED wire. The recommended power of the amplifier is 25-75 watts, and the average impedance is 6 ohms. The speaker has a two-channel reflex hole design.

The front of the 3030i cabinet is moderately sized and has a deep depth, resulting in a larger cabinet volume. The speaker’s dimensions are 325mm high x 200mm wide x 329mm deep. The treble diaphragm features a hanging edge design around the weaving pattern and spherical shape and is made of the same material as the diaphragm itself.

The outermost ring is a metal frame, and the words “HIGH FREQUENCY DE-COUPLER” are printed on it. This design helps the treble diffuse sound.

Q Acoustics 3030i tweeter

The Sound Performance

The design of the Q Acoustics 3030i speaker is reasonable. The cabinet’s reduced resonance and the tweeter’s separation from the mid-bass unit allow the speaker to play louder while maintaining clarity. When listening to music, the clarity of the sound is not significantly reduced as the volume increases. The crossover point of the 3030i is set at 2,400Hz, which means that most of the sounds heard are processed mainly by the mid-bass unit, but the sound remains clear, indicating that the mid-bass unit performs well.

When listening to Norah Jones’ album “Come Away with Me”, the 3030i reproduces a neutral and charming sound, characterized by the clarity and thickness of the sound. This pair of bookshelf speakers are well-suited to smaller listening spaces, and despite their small size, they do not lack power.

Norah Jones

The sensitivity may be low, but if the amplifier has sufficient thrust, the 3030i can produce a powerful sound. The sound density and thickness are impressive for a bookshelf speaker, and while the lower frequencies may not be as strong as a floor-standing speaker, the 3030i can fill a space. Whether listening to jazz or tracks with prominent vocals, the 3030i does not sound weak or powerless. Instead, vocals can be heard with detail, and the clean and weighty piano sound, rhythmic drum sound, and low, orderly bass are all well-represented.

When listening to Eva Cassidy’s “Fields of Gold”, recorded at the Blues Alley jazz club in Washington, the atmosphere of the room can be heard in the music, as if the singer and the listener are in the same space. When listening to Pink Martini’s “Amado Mio” features a high, clear voice and a passionate, fast-paced style of music, and the 3030i still produces a suitable thickness of sound. The female singer’s vocals do not sound harsh or uncomfortable but instead have a smooth and natural sound, and the overall speed is orderly and flexible. This pair of speakers work well with a Class A amplifier and is recommended as a matching choice.

Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker image cabinet

When listening to the first track, “Rhapsody in Blue”, on the album “Bernstein Previn Gershwin”, the Q Acoustics 3030i demonstrates its ability to produce a powerful sound. Rhapsody in Blue is a favourite classical jazz piece, combining the form of classical music with the laid-back feel of jazz.

The 3030i, with its minimalist appearance and cute style, is a bookshelf speaker priced affordably, and its balance of middle and high frequencies is stable. In Rhapsody in Blue, the clarinet’s upward portamento scale at the beginning of the piece is smooth and repeated, and the sound of the woodwind instruments is clear. The contact between the drum head of the timpani and the drumstick can also be heard, and the notes struck by the two are full and round.

The bridge section is a highlight with a smooth melody and well-composed phrases. The 3030i reproduces these details transparently, and the small speaker can produce a torrential momentum with clear and focused sounds. Overall, the Q Acoustics 3030i is a capable speaker that offers good value for money.

Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker


In conclusion, the Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker is a well-designed and capable speaker suitable for Hi-Fi and home theatre systems. The 3030i is the largest bookshelf speaker in the 3000i series and uses a decoupled tweeter and impregnated coated paper diaphragm to produce a clean and clear sound. The speaker’s cabinet design uses P2P technology to reduce resonance and produce a louder, clearer sound. The 3030i has a neutral and charming sound, with good clarity and thickness, and is well-suited to smaller listening spaces. The speaker is affordably priced and offers good value for money. If you are looking for a high-quality bookshelf speaker for your home audio setup, you should definitely consider the Q Acoustics 3030i desktop speaker.

The Specs of Q Acoustics 3030i Desktop Speaker

  • Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
  • Bass unit: 165 mm (6.5 in)
  • Treble unit: 22 mm (0.9 in)
  • Frequency response (+/-3 dB, -6 dB): 46 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Average impedance: 6 Ω
  • Minimum impedance: 4 Ω
  • Sensitivity (2.83v@1m): 88 dB
  • Stereo amplifier power: 25 – 75 W
  • AV receiver power (2 ch. driven): 50 – 145 W
  • Crossover frequency: 2.4 kHz
  • Effective volume: 12.5 L (763 cu in)
  • Enclosure dimensions (HxWxD): 320x200x313
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 325x200x329
  • Weight (per speaker): 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs)