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18 Ideas on Small Home Theater Room Design

Simple home theater decorating ideas can make a massive difference in the comfort and even the sound of your media room. If you’re starting with home theaters or looking to spruce up an existing one, check out these simple steps for making your movie viewing experience better than ever. The easiest way to improve your home theater is to take what you already love and add a few simple touches that will go a long way toward improving the overall quality of your experience. And here are 18 ideas on small home theater room design.

1. Build A Sound Proof Room

Soundproofing is an essential part of any media or entertainment room because it keeps outside noises distracting you. At the same time, you watch movies, play video games, make music, watch television shows or relax with some time alone.

One easy way of soundproofing your media room is by adding heavy drapes or blackout curtains to all windows. These can help muffle outside sounds, but they also provide an attractive backdrop for your screen.

2. Mood Lighting 

It’s not enough simply to get rid of outside noise; you want to create a comfortable atmosphere to relax while watching movies or playing games. One way of doing this is by installing some mood lighting. This creates a relaxing, stress-free environment that makes managing your favorite shows and playing video games even more enjoyable with friends and family members.

When designing mood lighting, you can choose from several colors, including reds, blues, greens, and even purple. In addition, there are several ways to add mood lighting, including recessed lights in the ceiling, track lighting, or even a combination of both.

3. Combine Multiple Functions

Once you start designing your media room, don’t stop at just one type of entertainment. Although it may seem more straightforward to simply have a separate space for watching television, playing video games, and listening to music, combining them is always better when done correctly. That means that you should utilize an entire wall for your television screen instead of trying to fit it into a minor part of the room where it will be uncomfortable for anyone but you to watch.

It also means that when building a home theater room decorating ideas, you should plan out everything from where your seats will go to where your speakers will be installed—that way, the space is truly designed with everyone’s comfort in mind.

4. Make It Multi-Purpose 

A home theater can also double as an office. If you have a large enough room, set up some comfortable computer chairs near your television wall and use your new home theater to play games on your computer or watch videos while you work. Again, the key is organization so that everyone knows how to find what they’re looking for while facilitating comfort at the same time.

5. Design For Comfort

 One of the essential parts of any media room decorating idea is to make sure it’s designed for maximum convenience and comfort. Design furniture that allows people to sit down comfortably even if they can’t see the screen. That means having chairs or sofas that recline and swivel while also providing enough room for snacks, trips to the bathroom, and other activities.

Suppose you can also create a separate space for those who wish to sleep, including a couch that turns into an uncomfortable sleeper bed. In that case, this will allow them to take care of what they need to do and return without disturbing the movie-watching experience.

6. Define Spaces With Different Colors

If you want a truly unique media room, one idea is to use different colors on the walls to create spaces within the larger space. One way to do this is by painting sections of the border with lighter or darker shades of color that indicate where certain activities will be taking place.

For instance, if your screen takes up most of the back wall, paint it either black or dark blue so that it appears as if part of the background itself. That will give the room a greater sense of depth and make it seem even more significant than it is.

7. Throw In A Few Extras

For some added fun, add in a few extras that your family members will enjoy using when they come over to watch their favorite shows together, including a popcorn machine, vending machine for sodas and snacks, or even an ice cream bar.

These various extras may sound unnecessary, but they serve dual purposes: giving you more things to do while watching movies and TV and providing everyone with something to look forward to. So when you’re designing your new media room decorating ideas, embrace these tips and make sure they are included within your space so that you can use them whenever necessary.

8. Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Mirrors are an easy way to make your media room appear larger than it is. You can use several different mirrors, including a full-length mirrored door on a closet near the entrance of the room or even large framed mirrors that hang on the wall. When planning your home theater design, be sure to place these at least three feet apart to avoid creating too many dead spaces within the room.

9. Light Up The Ceiling

Everyone loves having fun with lights at night, whether they’re for Halloween, Christmas, or just regular decorating purposes. However, when designing your media room, try placing lights in the ceiling rather than relying only on recessed lighting. That allows you to control the brightness of the television while adding a little ambiance to your design.

Small Home Theater Room Design

10. Complement The Room’s Decor With A Unique Carpet

Carpet is an integral part of any media room decorating ideas, especially when choosing carpet for the flooring. When designing your home theater, consider picking out one that complements or even contrasts with the rest of the design to create more visual interest within the room as a whole. In other words, don’t choose something generic, as this will cause you to blend into the background rather than stand out from it. 

11. Incorporate Your Media Room Into Another Room 

That may seem like an unusual choice for many people, but it can be an effective way to make your media room more interactive. Rather than having a separate room set aside just for watching TV or sitting down with friends, think about sharing another room in the house.

For instance, if your living room is stunning and comfortable, you might want to have a section of it devoted to watching movies on a big screen. That will save you the time and effort of moving furniture around and allow everyone to socialize more.

12. Build Your Own Custom Furniture 

If there’s one way to make sure you get exactly what you need out of your new media room decorating ideas, it’s by building each piece yourself. For example, by constructing your furnishings rather than buying generic pieces that only match the design in terms of color, you can ensure that each part fits the room perfectly.

Before you get started, however, be sure to measure your space to create custom pieces that have been explicitly designed for it rather than generic ones that could just as easily fit into any other media room.

13. Use The Room For More Than Watching TV

 When designing your media room decorating ideas, don’t just limit yourself to thinking about how you’re going to watch movies and TV shows when you have people over. Instead, keep in mind that this can also make a great quiet place where everyone in the family can gather when they want some time alone without distractions or interruptions from each other.

You might even consider setting up a soundproof panel within the room so that you can play music without worrying about disrupting anyone else who’s in the house.

14. Let The Sun Shine In

When it comes to designing your media room decorating ideas, don’t be afraid to open up the curtains and let the sunshine in whenever you can! By allowing natural light to fill your space instead of relying on artificial lighting, you create a much more inviting atmosphere that will help everyone feel more comfortable within the room.

That is especially important if you live near the equator, where it doesn’t get dark until late at night, giving you plenty of time to work with natural lighting throughout the day.

15. Find The Right Height For Your TV 

If one aspect of media room decorating stands out to homeowners, it has to be how large each television is. In addition to commanding a lot of attention, large screens tend to make the room look slightly smaller simply because they seem so out of place compared to other furnishings.

If you want your media room design ideas to feel more complete and finished instead of just a random group of furniture units, consider purchasing a TV that works with the rest of the space rather than trying to fit one into it. 

16. Use Window Treatments To Design Your Own Media Room

If your media room decorating ideas include using natural lighting from windows, be sure not to overlook window treatments whether you purchase them or create them yourself.

Many people think about painting walls and rearranging their furniture when coming up with their unique designs but forget about adding curtains or blinds where appropriate. When these are added, though, they can have a massive impact on the overall design of your media room decorating ideas.

17. Find Soft And Durable Flooring

 One of the most overlooked media room decorating ideas has to be how you want to cover the floors in this space. Depending on what kind of flooring is underneath everything else, you might need to do some extra work before moving forward with your plans to rearrange everything according to your unique design.

Carpet is not ideal for media rooms because it makes moving around the room clunky and complicated, while hardwood or tile will require more care when walking across them so as not to scratch or crack them. Instead, look into purchasing area rugs that will provide a comfortable surface while also providing color and pattern to the room.

18. Don’t Forget Lighting When Designing Your Media Room Decorating Ideas

Another little-considered aspect of media room decorating ideas has to be the lighting. People often assume they can leave overhead lights on whenever they enter this space to watch TV or play video games with friends and family members.

That is not the case, though, and makes it harder for others to see what’s happening when too much light hits the screen at once! Instead, look into purchasing accent lighting in colors that sync with your overall design theme so that anything important stands out without distracting from it. 


There are several aspects to consider when designing your own media room. Many people forget about the lighting and how it impacts visibility while watching TV or playing video games. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to purchase accent lights in colors that match your design theme, so essential items still stand out without distracting them. 

Another thing to keep in mind with any home theater room design ideas, window treatments such as curtains or blinds for natural light throughout the day! You might also want to create soundproof panels within this space if you plan on playing music, which can be done by adding acoustic foam insulation and installing drywall over the top.