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Dynaudio Music 5 Review – High-Quality Bluetooth speaker

In the past, Dynaudio’s main products were not just wireless speakers. But as generations change, more and more people are focusing on voice and convenience at the same time. Dynaudio also began to enter the new era of wireless and compact products. Recently released the latest Music series, Music 1, Music 3, Music 5, and Music 7, innovating the appearance and design under the sound quality requirements. Here we introduce Dynaudio Music 5.


Dynaudio Music 5 adopts a faceted diamond design. The shape is relatively unique. Most of the speakers on the market are too popular, and there are no particular highlights in the design. This time, the design attempt of Music 5 has broken my subjective impression of Dynaudio. Music 5 has also won many authoritative awards, including Japanese VGP2019, German GDA2019, and European EPDA2019.

Music 5 uses mesh fabrics in large areas. Therefore, in addition to audio, Music 5 can be integrated into the living room as a piece of furniture.

The middle frame is made of metal, with two volume control buttons on the left and a volume LED indicator next to it. The white indicator light can display 16 levels of sound effects, and there are more adjustable levels. In addition to manual adjustment, it can also be controlled remotely by remote control.

dynaudio music 5 button 1

There are many buttons in the middle, among which the first five buttons are preset, and the last one is the sound source switching button. Press the preset button 1-5 to select the favorite audio in Dynaudio Music App.

dynaudio music 5 preset button

Besides, buttons 1 and 2 also assume the functions of wifi pairing and Bluetooth pairing, respectively. The stereo can be paired with eight devices simultaneously, but only one device can be connected for playback.

On the right are the more conventional three playback control buttons.

Dynaudio Music 5 has a USB interface and an AUX 3.5mm audio interface on the side. Among them, the USB interface can charge any device that is connecting to the USB jack. When the iOS device is connected to Music 5 through USB, it can directly play the music. And it can control the music playback through the control buttons.

dynaudio music 5 usb & aux

The bottom is a large area of ​​soft silicone, which is used to prevent slipping. In addition to the conventional specification information display, there are two interfaces in the middle, namely the power interface and the digital fiber input interface.

dynaudio music 5 button

In general, Music 5 has different Dana products as simple as it used to be, without pursuing fashionable design, and turned into a beautiful fashion item.


The large one in the middle is a 5-inch woofer, the larger on both sides are two 3-inch midrange drivers, and the smaller on both sides are three 1-inch Dynaudio soft dome tweeters.

dynaudio music 5 speaker

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Dynaudio Music 5 also supports wireless transmissions such as AirPlay, AptX, and DLAN. After 10 minutes of inactivity, it enters standby mode. While the wifi, Bluetooth, remote control, and power amplifier modules remain active. After 20 minutes of no operation, the whole system enters deep standby mode. All functions are disabled. At this time, the standby power is less than 0.5W. There is a sensor on the top of Music 5. You can wake up by touching your hand to the top.

Adaptive Technology

Dynaudio Music 5 supports room adaptation technology. Whether the Music 5 is placed in a corner, the center of the room, or other places, the audio can automatically optimize and adjust the sound quality through room acoustic adaptation to provide a stable output.

dynaudio music 5

At the same time, Music 5 also supports adaptive noise technology. The speaker has a built-in microphone. It can calculate the real-time signal-to-noise ratio of the speaker and sense the noise in the room. Optimize the volume and timbre through the algorithm to adapt to the noisy environment of the room.

All these operations are fully automatic and do not require additional settings by the user.

Sound Quality

5-inch Dynaudio’s unique low-frequency unit has a strong sense of low-frequency power. The radiation of the sound is relatively smooth, and the low frequency gives the impression that the sound field seems more significant.

dynaudio music 5

Two 3-inch midrange units convey the mid-range. The performance of human voices, especially the performance of male voices, is more intimate. The performance of female voices may not be as good as that of male voices. Girls are slightly mature, but the texture is still good.


Dynaudio puts the design and color matching of Music 5 in place. Compared with the gorgeous speakers outside, Music 5 lets you put it in every corner like an exhibition art. Dynaudio Music 5 presents a simple appearance, but there is a sophisticated design technology behind it, and adding a design to your space.