dynaudio music 7

Dynaudio Music 7 Review

Music is not only a flavoring agent for life but also functional medicine for healing the soul. However, if there is no right carrier for good music, all is just empty talk. To enjoy better music, the choice of music playback equipment is getting higher and higher.

Excellent Balance between Appearance, Sound and Control

Compared with the portable player, it is not only necessary to ensure ultra-high sound quality, but also to be able to integrate into the style of home decoration and improve the quality of the home environment. The Dynaudio Music 7 we want to experience today is obtained in many aspects such as appearance, sound, and control. A good balance.

Speaking of Dynaudio, this top speaker brand from Denmark has established for more than 40 years. Adhering to the concept of “pure original sound, like being on the spot”, it is dedicated to “reproduction of original sound”. The market has recognized the high-quality & personalized designs of the home/car audio product from Dynaudio.

dynaudio music 7

Back to Dynaudio Music 7 this home audio, it is mainly used indoors, positioning Bluetooth Wi-Fi speakers. At first glance, it gives the impression that the appearance is exquisite and beautiful, getting rid of the traditional founder’s presence, and presenting it in a polygonal, front-to-back, and left-right symmetrical manner. The geometrically-cut design looks more stylish, and the distinct lines enhance the three-dimensional feel of the speaker, and the sound is more even.

The surface mesh cloth is customized and provided by the famous Danish home textile company Gibriel. In addition to its excellent texture and texture, it is also wear-resistant, dust-proof, and easy to clean. It does not affect the sound quality.

Easy to Use Interfaces

In operation, the intuitive volume buttons and indicator lights are set on the top of the speaker. The process is simple, and there are shortcut keys for preset channels. One key can enter the music channel set in advance independently, which is very fast and convenient.

Since Dynaudio Music 7 itself does not have a hardware power switch, after music pauses, it will automatically sleep according to the time set in the system. When the speaker needs to be woken up again, in addition to the remote control, mobile phone APP, buttons on the body panel, we can also use gestures Wake up. Music 7 has a built-in sensor; when the palm close to the top panel, it will automatically wake up.

The bottom of Music 7 has an HDMI interface, so it can also be used as a soundbar speaker for a TV to improve the sound quality of the TV.

Besides, USB and AUX audio interfaces are designed under the sound side to connect mobile phones, CD players, tablets, etc., allowing us to listen to music from different devices.

dynaudio music 7
dynaudio music 7

Outstanding Speaker Units guarantee the Sound’s Quality

In terms of sound quality, the founder Wilfried Ehrenholz firmly believes that the speaker unit is the key to the success of a speaker. The speaker unit is one of Dana’s killers. Therefore, on the Music speaker, Music 7 uses their developed unit, each of the left and right channels use a 26mm silk soft hemisphere treble, a 64mm MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) midrange, and one each 105mm MSP woofer. And the sound quality brought by such a speaker combination: the treble is clear and slender, the midrange is bright and prominent, and the bass is deep and powerful.

Music is Dynaudio’s first Wi-Fi series, and Music 7 is one of the members of this series. Dynaudio also guarantees sound quality through advanced room adaptation technology. It uses the built-in microphone to collect the sound in the room. It uses a special DSP algorithm to automatically optimize the sound according to the room’s acoustic characteristics and noise level. Whether it is in a 60-square-meter room with keyboard knocking sound or a 120-square-meter space where the breathing sound is clear and audible, you can get the most suitable music for the environment.

dynaudio music 7

“NoiseAdapt” and “RoomAdapt” Functions

Besides, if the speaker position will be adjusted from time to time, you can open the two functions “NoiseAdapt” and “RoomAdapt” on the APP, Music 7 can automatically adjust itself according to the ambient noise. If there is more than one Dynaudio Music series product at home, we can also control up to 8 sets through the APP.

The simplicity, practicality, and pleasant sound quality displayed by Music 7 not only interprets the Nordic style in design but also shows the tireless exploration of Dynaudio from Northern Europe on “reproducing the original sound” from a musical perspective. A corner of Music 7 at home highlights the owner’s taste and attitude towards life, and also reveals the owner’s love for sweet love.

dynaudio music 7


  1. Humanized control, easy to use;
  2. Unique geometric section design, high-end particular custom mesh fabric;
  3. “Noise Adaptive” and “Room Acoustic Adaptive” functions were added to enable Music 7 to restore music details more clearly;
  4. Music 7 is equipped with a distance sensor. You only need to put your hand close to the top panel to wake up the speaker;

Dynaudio Music 7 Specifications

  • Drivers:2 x 1in tweeters, 2 x 3in midrange, 2 x 5in woofers
  • Amplifier power:6*50W for woofer, midrange and tweeter
  • Power consumption:100W standby<0.5W
  • Samples rates:32Hz – 96kHz
  • Bit rates:16-24bit
  • Specification sheet for Music part 1
  • Weight:7.7kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):201 x 819 x 185mm
  • Frequency Response:40Hz – 20kHz
  • Distortion %THD:<0.3%
  • Acoustic enclosure type:Vented box