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Estelon Forza Speakers Review

Forza has the power to approach the flagship Extreme. The first focus is on the double woofer on the base. The speaker cabinet is made of a unique marble-based composite material. There are no parallel planes inside, so as to break up the low-frequency standing waves inside the box and retain the purest musical essence.

On a sunny Sunday morning in 2010, Alferd Vassilkov, an electroacoustic engineer in Estonia, had breakfast with two daughters. He told his daughters that he had conceived the prototype of the best speaker in the world. He did not want to sell innovative speaker design concepts to other companies. Alfred decided to build a brand new speaker himself, and his two daughters became his right-hand assistants. That night, the Vassilkov family decided to start Estelon.

Estelon Forza

Over 25 Years of Speaker Design Experience to Start a Business

Alfred is, of course, not an imagination. From the discussion of the breakfast meeting, it was decided to invest in the construction of Estelon. Before the establishment of Estelon, Alfred had 25 years of experience in designing speakers. Alfred grew up in Estonia during the Soviet era. When he was a kid, he became obsessed with the radio and disassembled and reorganized it himself. Because of Alfred’s obsession with sound, he chose to study in the Department of Electroacoustics at the University of St. Petersburg. After graduation, he studied full-time speaker design. Until 2010, Alfred decided to create Estelon to create the perfect speaker in his mind.

Estelon, which is about to enter its tenth year, has new works almost every year. The classic series called Estelon Classic is the origin of Estelon. At that time, XA’s unique vase arc shape, composite speaker box, and With high rigidity and high damping, coupled with the application of ceramic diaphragm unit and diamond tweeter, it immediately attracted global attention. Estelon was just founded and quickly grabbed orders from major global markets, laying a strong foundation for the brand. However, the products that make Estelon show Hi End’s top stage are Extreme launched in 2014!

Extreme Establishes Estelon’s Hi-End Status

Extreme speakers are 177.7~207 cm tall, but how can there be two height figures? Because Estelon designed a module that can be raised and lowered. Adjust the optimal phase height according to the listening distance. At the lowest, Extreme is 177.7 cm tall. If your listening space is large and the listening distance is long, you can raise Extreme’s core speaker module to 207 cm. This unprecedented innovation, coupled with the application of the highest specification diamond and ceramic diaphragm units, Extreme has become Estelon’s “state-of-the-art” at this stage.
So if there is no Extreme, there will be no Forza. After the release of Extreme, Estelon won numerous awards in the global audio professional media and attracted the attention of enthusiasts. But Extreme is destined to be an extremely expensive speaker, and only a few people can afford it. Therefore, Alfred decentralized Extreme’s technology and built a new speaker that is close to Extreme’s performance at a relatively affordable price. That is Forza.

Estelon Extreme

Forza is Quite Close to Extreme

Comparing Extreme and Forza, we can find that they are very similar. But Forza does not have a core speaker module that can adjust its height. Without the complicated mechanical lifting mechanism, the structure is simplified a lot, and the height becomes 167.5 cm. But in the unit selection, speaker box production, and core technology applications, Forza can be said to be almost the same as Extreme, especially the key woofer. The specifications are the same as Extreme.

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I often tell my friends that the most expensive place for audio is the low frequency. If the speaker has sufficient low-frequency energy, the speaker’s size cannot be small because the unit needs enough volume to regenerate enough low-frequency extension. The size of the woofer cannot be too small so that there is enough area to agitate the air and regenerate high-quality low frequencies. Moreover, to launch the speaker’s low frequency, enough power is needed, and the amplifier needs to be carefully chosen. Therefore, low frequency is the most expensive part of the audio system and the most challenging subject to deal with.

The Woofer is the Same as Extreme

Forza has a configuration close to the flagship Extreme. The first important point is the dual woofer on the base. Same as Extreme, they are all 25 cm in diameter and are all aluminum alloy sandwich diaphragms. The mid-bass unit is at the top of Forza. The caliber is 19 cm, and it is also an aluminum alloy sandwich structure diaphragm. The midrange unit is a CELL ceramic diaphragm unit with a diameter of 16.8 centimeters and a 25mm diamond treble.

Estelon Forza

Estelon Forza

Estelon Forza

Compared with the number of units, Forza is the same as Extreme. But the top mid-bass unit has been reduced from 25 cm to 16.8 cm. The ceramic midrange unit is also smaller. Extreme uses 17.3 cm, while Forza’s midrange unit measures 16.8 cm. The diameter of the diamond tweeter is also slightly smaller. Forza uses a 25 mm diamond treble, and Extreme is 30 mm. These are all units customized by Estelon to Accuton, Germany.

A Customized Accuton Unit

I want to explain, in particular, the meaning of “customization”. The Accuton unit is expensive, but if the audiophile himself purchases the Accuton unit for DIY installation, it is cheaper. The unit number is distinguished by caliber, so the above units are numbered Accuton AS 250, AS 190, and AS 168.

But Estelon uses Accuton “custom” units, not standard products. It is Accuton’s specially made unit for Estelon’s specifications. As for the Accuton unit customized by Estelon, the original manufacturer did not disclose the details, but this custom-made unit is more expensive than the DIY mass production Accuton unit.

Special Cabinet

Estelon’s speaker box is made of unique composite materials. The primary element is marble powder. After high temperature and high-pressure molding, it has exceptionally high rigidity. The material density is not only high but also quite uniform. Because of this special marble-based composite material, Estelon can follow the craftsmanship of sculpture production to create the shape of a speaker box with embossed and rounded lines. Starting from the earliest XA, all the way to Extreme and Forza, Estelon’s speaker shape is always a topic of relish. Some people say it’s like a vase, and the extension of Extreme and Forza’s lower part is like a beauty wearing a beautiful skirt, exuding an elegant posture quietly.

Estelon Forza front

Using unique composite materials to make the speaker box, Estelon can also use a higher temperature baking method. The paint technology originates from the automotive industry. It is said that the speakers need to pass through 12 layers of paint, and each layer must be repeatedly polished by hand to figure out the detailed appearance of Forza’s cabinet. There are no parallel planes inside the speaker box, so as to break up the low-frequency standing waves inside the box and retain the purest musical essence.

Impedance is Lower than Regular Speakers

The official frequency response of Forza is 25 Hz~60 kHz. The low-frequency part is a bit worse than Extreme’s 20 Hz, but the high-frequency extension of 60 kHz is better than Extreme’s 45 kHz. The official recommendation for Forza’s listening space is 40~125 square meters. The technical details announced by Forza are not many. For example, Estelon did not disclose the frequency division point, and Forza’s working efficiency is marked as 90 dB, and its average impedance is 3Ω.

Although the 90 dB operating efficiency marked by Forza looks very high, the impedance is relatively low at 3Ω, and the minimum impedance may drop to 2Ω. Low impedance will cause a relatively more significant burden on the amplifier.

Estelon Forza impedance


Estelon Forza is a highly anticipated new member of Estelon’s flagship series. Forza has the best design provided by Estelon-the perfect combination of aesthetics and engineering and is manufactured with the most delicate details. Forza brings music to life with a stylish design.

As the name implies, Forza is full of unimaginable and delicate power. Every nuance dances in the air, creating a realistic sound field and making it full of passion. You can close your eyes and enjoy the best effects that music can provide. Forza will surely impress everyone.

Estelon Forza Specs

  • Type: 4-way sealed box
  • Woofer: 2 x 250 mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton  (custom design)
  • Mid Woofer: 190 mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton (custom design)
  • Midrange: 168 mm CELL Ceramic Accuton
  • Tweeter: 25 mm CELL Diamond Accuton
  • Internal Wiring: Kubala-Sosna
  • Frequency Response: 25 – 60 000 Hz
  • Power Rating: 400 W
  • Min Amplifier Power: 20 W
  • Nominal Impedance: 3 Ohm (min 2,0 Ohm at 42 and 110 Hz)
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83 V