jamo C93 bookshelf speaker

Jamo C93 Review

The Concert Series is the flagship speaker series launched by Jamo in the early years. At the time, it was considered a masterpiece that opened a new chapter in Jamo’s history. Now, with its five core updating technologies, Jamo has allowed the new Concert series to be reborn, making it another benchmark product series for Jamo. Introducing the Jamo C93 bookshelf speaker.

The latest Concert series is designed by the famous designer Kieron Dunk. In addition to being pure and simple, it is also full of nature and full of Danish feeling. At the same time, the new Concert series is equipped with a high-performance driver unit, an aluminium centre plug and an additional cooling voice coil, all of which enable it to show a warm and natural sound.

jamo C93 bookshelf loudspeaker

The story of Jamo began in 1966 in a small woodworking shed in Glyngore, a Danish fishing village. A young man, PrebenJacobsen, started from his hobby of woodworking and built up his audio empire step by step.

With outstanding woodworking craftsmanship and a passion for pursuing the perfect sound, Preben began to design and produce speaker cabinets and manufacture speakers by hand by learning acoustics’ knowledge and technology.

In 1968, two years after he made the first speaker, Preben’s brother-in-law Julius Mortensen joined the entrepreneurial team. Julius is mainly responsible for product marketing. In the same year, the two jointly created Jamo: the combination of the first two letters of Jacobsen and Mortensen’s surnames.

Since then, a pioneering and imaginative company has entered the world. In 1970, Jamo set up its first factory in Glyngøre. In 1994, Jamo was recognized as the most prominent speaker manufacturer in Europe.


Jamo’s two-way speaker’s JamoC93 has been available for several years. It is the entry-level of Jamo HIFI’s concert series. The 350x200x259mm cabinet is quite dignified.

jamo Concer C93 bookshelf speaker

Jamo C 93 speaker covers five significant technologies.

  • Anti-Diffraction Waveguide (ADW): Provides improved off-axis response with more uniform high-frequency extension.
  • Hybrid Composition Conical Cone (HCCC): Provides the stiffness and strength of aluminium or titanium with the transient response and smoothness of wood fibre.
  • Tweeter Distortion Reduction (TDR): Provides lower distortion, more significant high-frequency extension and smoother high end.
  • Long Displacement Surround (LDS): Provides cleaner, tighter, deeper bass.
  • Aluminium centre-plug: Eliminates cone breakup for faster attack and increased vocal clarity. Additional voice-coil cooling reduces power compression.

The configuration is a 6-inch woofer plus a 1-inch decoupling tweeter. The body colours are black, white and dark apple.

The Woofer

The woofer is 6-inch (152 mm) in diameter and has two technologies. The centre-plug of Jamo C93 is quite different from the traditional dust cover. It has two functions. One is that the cone is lighter and more responsive. The second is to accelerate the cooling of the voice coil and increase the power.

Hybrid Composition Conical Cone technology ensures that the speaker reaches a frequency far exceeding the intermediate frequency before the vibration phenomenon occurs. Its rigid material and natural rubber ring can prevent vibration from being transmitted back to the diaphragm, and the working frequency can be as high as 4KHz.

The Treble

Jamo C93 uses a 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome decoupled tweeter. The technology on the tweeter is waveguide technology. The tweeter panel’s unique shape is designed to control the directivity of the sound to obtain more open and more outstanding dynamics and then cooperate with Tweeter Distortion Reduction (TDR) to make the high frequency both dynamic and delicate.

The cabinet panel is a medium-density panel with coating. It is worth mentioning that Kieron Dunk himself designed this box, and Jamo’s brand new concert series are all made by him.

jamo C93 speaker

Sound Performance

Let’s talk about the listening experience of Jamo C93. As a part of Jamo’s most famous Concert series, it is entry-level in price. The overall first feeling is clear and complete. The low frequency is relatively sufficient, clean and neat, and a bit stretched. The dynamics are natural, and the transients are excellent.

Stong Resolution

When listening to “Schubert: Piano Quintet”, another feature of this speaker is more prominent. That is, the sense of positioning is very clear. It makes the separation between the instruments excellent; there is no frizzy fuzzy zone and creates a distinct hierarchy.

The instrument’s texture is quite firm; the piano’s keys can be heard transparent, round and grainy, and the strings are delicate and smooth. It won’t be irritating when playing to the high pitch, and it still has a soft sweetness. As for the bass accompaniment of the cello, you can hear the deep and clear string vibration.

Although the Jamo c93 is a small bookshelf speaker, its low-frequency dive capabilities are limited, but there is no ambiguity. It can present rich low-frequency details within the range it can control, which shows that its control is quite good.

Clean and Fast Response

The punch of the low-frequency bass drum and the vibration of the electric bass is exhilarating and refreshing. The impact makes the whole body warm, but at the same time, it releases a lot of low-frequency details.

The low frequency of jamo C93 speaker is one of the few that can reach the most potent limit in adjective precision. It’s tough to extricate yourself from pop or rock music and jazz with a strong sense of rhythm.

Playing the “Interstellar” Soundtrack “No Time for Caution”, every part is entirely as good as I imagined. C93 allows every musical instrument to show explosive power with the highest quality. In this song, it’s not easy to make a complete performance of the pipe organ. I can indeed hear the pipe organ’s low sound, and it is a pipe organ full of texture and airflow details.

Coupled with the high-quality sense of energy that I have always emphasized, the organ in this song is like a thick electric current, flickering at the bottom of the music, and the sharpness of the layers makes me surprised!

Full Mid-range, Natural High-frequency

Using Jamo C93 bookshelf loudspeaker, when listening to “Hotel California”, the sound field will not appear chaotic because of the scene’s sound. On the contrary, it has a perfect sense of mid-and low-frequency layering. The details are balanced, and the overall stretch is natural. Perhaps it is not so extreme in terms of sound reproduction, but it has an affinity to the ear.

Jamo C 93 speaker

The mid-frequency style is consistent with the low-frequency, stretched and full without losing strength. Jamo C93 bookshelf speaker does not have such a heavy bass. Its mellow feeling is mixed with a soft feeling, clear and powerful. The most significant advantage is that it is easy to hear the details. Just let you taste the charm and put it back. The natural feeling is self-evident. The human voice is soft and smooth. Its sweetness and overall stretch are inseparable, and it is more penetrating than listening to a male voice.

The high-frequency part of the C93 has a pretty good sense of layering, which gives me the feeling of being natural and gentle, without the oppressive feeling of sharp analysis. My first feeling is that the music is relatively strong, and the brightness is not as soft as the mid-low frequency. It will feel brighter when you listen to violin performance.

As for the sense of separation of instrumental music, the sound field will not give people the feeling of being too protruding. In short, whether it is an orchestra or a violin concerto, its dynamics are very natural, the transient is excellent, and the timbre is not rich. Still, the atmosphere of different pieces is perfect.


Jamo Concer C93 bookshelf speaker gives me the feeling that the sound is soft, delicate, durable, friendly, dynamic and natural. The overall sound is transparent and stretched, and the details of the sound are more natural. The human voice gives me the most favourable.

Regarding the use of Jamo C93, the 6-inch woofer is not a problem on the desk. Personally, it is better to have a listening space of about 20 square meters.

Jamo C93 Specs

  • Power Handling (Watts Long/Short Term): 120 / 240
  • Woofer (mm/in): 152.4 / 6
  • System Type: 2-Way Bass Reflex
  • Tweeter (mm/in): 25 / 1
  • Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD) : 350 x 200 x 259 / 13.8 x 7.9 x 10.2
  • Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 45Hz – 24kHz
  • Minimum Amp Recommended: 50W
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Weight (Kg/lb): 6.4 / 14
  • Sensitivity (dB, 2.8V/1m): 88dB
  • Finish: Satin Black, Satin White, Dark Apple