Jamo D530 Review


Classics are always subconsciously associated with distant times or works of art with historical significance. So it is clear that if anything wants to become a classic, it must pass through time to become a symbol or memory of the generation. We like classics because they are representative and authoritative, and they may be more perfect, or they may best reflect the essence of a brand’s emotion.

Jamo has been a representative of the classic audio brand in the hearts of audiophiles for more than 20 years. Even today, in order to meet the needs of the market for the young gereration, Jamo has established a high profile in the audio market. But we can still feel from a number of fashionable new products, a blend of classic elements and share the charm of technology.


If you ask me which of Jamo’s products best reflects the brand’s characteristics and connotations, I believe the D5 series should be on the list. In this post, we’ll look at the Jamo D530 bookshelf speaker to gain a better understanding of Jamo’s acoustic technology and pursuit of the ultimate in Scandinavian design.

The Design of Jamo D530

The Jamo D530 has a classic retro design, but the overall look and feel does not appear stereotypical., because its cabinet uses an arc design, backward contraction of the arc simply weakened the sharpness of the angles of the speaker. In turn increased a few fashionable and elegant atmosphere.

Since its introduction in 1994, this curved cabinet has been a Jamo classic signiture. In addition to the D530 bookshelf speakers, the entire D5 family of products has been used the same design technique. Jamo D530 provides a cherry walnut black finish, so they can easily be integrated into the modern home design, in order to be fit withthe beauty of simple design.

Furthermore, the D5 series is designed to focus on the balance of film and music, so whether to create a living room theater or Hi-Fi room, Jamo D530 can meet the multiple needs of users, easily form a multi-channel surround sound system with the same series of products.

It is ideal for those on a tight budget who want to take advantage of the space functionality of entry-level users.


For several years, the Jamo D5 series has been sold world wide because, in addition to its versatile Nordic minimalist design, it also includes many of Jamo’s highly acclaimed core audio technologies. The Jamo D530, for example, employs the same 1-inch black imported silk tweeter as the D5 series, with high-frequency extension of up to 20kHz.

D530 is injected with the appropriate amount of permanent magnets to improve the magnetic circuit system’s heat dissipation, and it can also reduce speaker distortion, making the sound more soft and delicate.

The Jamo D530 is equipped with a 6.5-inch bass/midrange unit, in addition to the core voice coil with a conventional long-stroke design. The cones are made of new glass fiber, which is more resistant to moisture than the paper cone, resulting in a longer life.

In terms of sound performance, it can provide a high dynamic carrying capacity, making the sound thicker and more magnetic, presenting a more natural performance of the scene.

Jamo also optimized the crossover design, D530 bookshelf speaker’s crossover using the 1st order crossover, which allows the sound of different frequency bands to be better divided, so that the sound sounds more rich and watching movies will not have a muddy background sound, while listening to music can get a sweeter human voice effect.


Jamo D530 Bookshelf Speakers Specs

  • Tweeter: 1.25-inch silk dome
  • Mid-woofer: 6.5-inch glass fiber mid-woofer
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 3000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 902dB
  • Frequency Range: 902dB
  • Weight: 12kg