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Jamo Sub 210 Review

The audio company Jamo from Denmark was founded in 1968, and it has almost reached half a century of achievements. JAMO started in 1966 as small woodworking shed in Glyngore, a Danish fishing village. By 1994, Jamo was officially recognized as the most prominent speaker manufacturer in Europe. JAMO is an audio company owned by the Klipsch Group. JAMO product lines involve home theater audio, home theater system, personal audio system, etc. JAMO has created a unique Danish audio product with Danish concise and applicable style. Among them, the recommended active subwoofer is the Jamo Sub 210.

jamo sub 210


Sub 210 active subwoofer is not heavy, only about 7.5 kg, and the volume is relatively compact. The length, width, and height are about 30 cm each. It looks like a small square box claimed to be the most miniature style in the same class. Besides, the appearance of Sub 210 is clean and straightforward, and it is easy to integrate into various audiovisual environments.

This review is the High Gloss Black version. Besides, there are six colors to choose from: Wenge, Dark Apple, Black, White Ash, and High Gloss White.

8-inch long-stroke woofer

Sub 210 is equipped with a woofer at the bottom of the cabinet. This long-stroke woofer has a diameter of 8 inches. The suspension is made of foam material. The amplifier module responsible for driving this bass has an output power of 200 watts.

jamo sub 210 200w 8 subwoofer

In the cabinet design, Sub 210 adopts the bass port reflection design. The advantage is that it is easier to obtain a rich low-frequency sense than the sealed subwoofer, and the low-frequency extension is better. According to the published specifications, the low frequency of the Sub 210 can sink to 38Hz. There are advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, the low-frequency speed sense (or transient response) is not as fast as the sealed subwoofer.

Convenient and straightforward adjustment function

The use and adjustment of Sub 210 are straightforward. Three knobs are arranged on the back panel, from top to bottom, are volume control, crossover point adjustment, and phase adjustment.

The adjustable range of the crossover point is between 40Hz and 200Hz. This part must be set with reference to the speaker’s frequency response to ensure the smooth connection of the frequency bands.

As for the phase, it is continuously adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees. The input terminal is straightforward. Only 1 set of RCA input can be used. In addition to On/Off, the power switch can also be switched to Auto mode. It will automatically turn on when the music signal input is detected, eliminating the trouble of turning on and off the machine every time.

jamo sub 210 sub

Generally speaking, active subwoofers are typical in multi-channel home theater systems, but they can also be used with small bookshelf speakers to form a 2.1-channel system. So this time, I matched the Elac 301.2 bookshelf speaker, which may be the smallest HI-FI speaker in the world. Thanks to its very mini size, ELAC 301.2 can perfectly fit any home’s living space with ease. The cabinet volume limitation will still affect the low-frequency extension ability, so we still have to rely on the super bass boost to make up for the bass frequency band.

Sound Performance

Listen to Argerich “Lugano Concertos” first. One track is “Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1”. In the beginning, I listened in a pure 2-channel state. Even the Elac 301.2 bookshelf speaker, without the subwoofer’s assistance, seems a bit vain and ethereal. But after adding Sub 210, the low-frequency volume feels plumped up immediately, and the timpani’s power and graininess are clearer than before. The piano under Argerich’sArgerich’s fingertips is more weighty and authoritative, the music sounds more vivid, and the sound field is also opened up.

Next, change to the DTS 2016 Blu-ray test film and play the test segment of “Furious 7”. Under the support of Sub 210, the speeding, crashing, rolling, blasting, and fighting of vehicles in the film show low-frequency impact and make the film look even tenser.

Similarly, if you turn off the subwoofer, the low-frequency momentum is immediately reduced, and the ease of watching the movie will be significantly affected.

Overall, the Jamo Sub 210 has a good low-frequency sense when listening to music. As long as it is adjusted properly, it can make the sound fuller without being too exaggerated and make the music more stable. It can be said to be a good helper for the 2.0 bookshelf speakers. As for watching movies, it also has a moderate impact. Although it is not a substantial level, it is already quite good at such an affordable price! If you don’t have a lot of audiovisual space and don’t want to spend too much budget, you may wish to consider it.


We know that any music has harmonics and fundamentals. These are necessary parts of the sound, and they can be as low as 20Hz or more. If these frequencies cannot be reproduced, then real music cannot be replicated! To achieve such an effect, a subwoofer is essential, which is particularly prominent in home theaters.

Jamo is deeply aware of this issue. The SUB 210 is equipped with an amplifier with a power of up to 200W and an 8-inch long-stroke woofer. It uses a bass-reflex cabinet, which is cost-effective and has a first-class bass effect. The automatic power switch, cut-off frequency, and phase adjustment functions, as well as line level and high-level input ports, make it very easy to achieve a perfect match with other speakers.

At the same time, the design of SUB 210 inherits the fine tradition of Jamo. The integration of core speaker production technology, combined with modern aesthetic design, can create an unforgettable home theater and music listening experience and integrate into the home environment quickly.

Jamo Sub 210 Specs

  • Variable Phase Control: 0 to -180
  • Power Handling (Watts Long/Short Term): 200
  • Impedance: 22k
  • Woofer (mm/in): 230 / 8
  • Overall Dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD): 313 x 283 x 305 / 12.3 x 11.1 x 12
  • Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 38-200
  • Crossover Frequency: 40 – 200
  • Weight (Kg/lb): 7,5 / 16.5
  • Mains power / Standby power (W): < 0,5
  • Power Handling (Watts Long/Short Term): Auto / On / Off
  • System Type: Bass Reflex
  • Product Finish: Black, Wenge, Dark Apple, White Ash, High Gloss Black and High Gloss White
  • Inputs: Left / Right line in