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Klipsch Bluetooth Speaker – Klipsch Groove Review

Music has always been the best gift God has brought us. Whether you are happy, sad, or bored, a simple piece of music can always touch the softest place in our hearts. However, for listening to songs, some people may like to use headphones alone, and I prefer portable speakers that can make everyone happy. On the one hand, you can share your favorite music at any time. On the other hand, even listening for a long time will not cause a burden and discomfort to the ear. The recommended here is Klipsch Bluetooth speaker, Klipsch Groove.

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Speaking of Klipsch, this is an established company from the United States like Bose and JBL. Since its birth in 1946, it has become one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the United States. Its product line covers everything from speakers to headphones and contains almost all consumer and professional audio-related products. In particular, Klipsch Horn is still a benchmark.

Now, although not everyone has the opportunity to feel Klipsch, Klipsch launched this entry-level Groove still can be a start.

Appearence: Hardcore Style

The Groove continues Klipsch’s consistent hardcore style in appearance. Although its trapezoid-like shape looks extremely simple, a large area of ​​metal material can bring a different kind of power. Besides, the main body of a portable Bluetooth speaker is relatively compact.

klipsch groove

Groove’s overall artistry is excellent. I can’t see a screw. It gives the impression that the overall feeling is very unified. It is equipped with a 3-inch full-range long-stroke drive unit on the front, and two passive bass radiators on both sides. So from the perspective of hardware configuration, it should have a relatively strong low-frequency effect.

Multiple Buttons, Easy for Use

Buttons and LED indicators on the operation are integrated on the top of the speaker. Although a large area of ​​the body is made of metal, the button part is made of rubber, so the operation will not feel cold metal.
In terms of keys, it mainly integrates key switch, Bluetooth key, AUX key, play/pause key, and volume key. As you can see, Groove did not add the hands-free button of the phone in the traditional Bluetooth speaker. It can be seen that music playback is its primary function.

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The bottom and back of the speaker are made of rubber. Groove can not only be placed upright but can also be laid flat. If placed upright, the sound will have a specific direction. When lying flat, it is more suitable for multiple people to listen together. It is also worth mentioning that there is a sentence printed at the bottom of Groove: “Designed with pride in Indianapolis.” This team is the design team of the top flagship products of the Palladium series, which adds a lot of aura to Groove.

IPX4 Waterproof Aspect

A waterproof and dustproof silicone pad is designed on the side of the back of Groove. After opening, you can see the charging interface and the AUX audio interface. In addition to supporting Bluetooth playback, Groove also supports audio input. It is also because of the design of the silicone pad that Groove also supports IPX4 waterproof. Simply put, it is splash-proof and waterproof.

Finally, let’s take a look at the family portrait. In addition to the Groove Bluetooth speaker, it also comes with a foldable charging adapter, USB charging cable, instruction manual, and warranty card.

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In general, Groove’s appearance is relatively simple, not fancy. I think that it is more suitable for those who pay attention to the taste of life.

Bluetooth & Aux Input, Suitable for Different Lintening Requirements

In daily use, Groove mainly supports two modes of Bluetooth playback and AUX audio input. Because of its excellent portability, it will use the Bluetooth playback mode in most cases. The first time you need to pair in the Bluetooth settings. After the pairing is successful, Groove can automatically connect with the Bluetooth device every time it is turned on, which is convenient in use.

Besides Bluetooth playback, you can also use the Groove’s audio input function to connect to a music player or computer for use.

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Sound Performance

Klipsch Groove’s appearance is not fantastic. Its primary focus is still on the structural design of the speaker and the sound itself. Groove uses a 3-inch full-range long-stroke drive unit and two passive bass radiators. It can be seen from the hardware only that this is a product that focuses on mid-bass. After all, from the perspective of the entire Bluetooth speaker market. At present, such small-sized portable Bluetooth speakers often use a single sounding unit. Even speakers like BOSE Soundlink Mini only use a passive bass radiator. So this hardware design also roughly determines Groove’s sound style.

Although Groove’s speakers are not large, they can burst out loud. I adjusted it to 60% in terms of volume and felt that it was already abnormally large.

Groove’s overall sound quality is also in line with its hardware combination. The guitar sound will be brighter, but the vocals are warmer. Listening to male voices, the density of vocals is substantial, and the vocals are slightly ahead. The kind of low-frequency sense it brings is not much. But it can bring a sense of stage. That is a feeling I have never experienced before using Bluetooth speakers. In terms of listening to female voices, the purity of female voices is excellent.

In general, the Klipsch Groove has an excellent performance in listening to vocals and is also suitable for listening to jazz and rock.


Although Groove is Klipsch’s entry-level Bluetooth speaker product, you will find that after the experience, whether it is appearance or sound, you can feel Klipsch’s 70-year experience of the product.

Groove can carry a 3-inch full-range long-stroke drive unit and two passive bass radiators in such a small volume, which not only makes it more convenient to carry but also has better protection in terms of sound quality.

When you have heard Groove once, you can feel its attitude towards music. Folk, jazz, rock and pop music are all very suitable music.

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Klipsch Groove Specs

  • DC INPUT: 5V, 1A
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 65Hz–22kHz +/- 3dB
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via dual opposing passive radiators
  • DRIVER: 1 x 3” aluminum full-range high excursion,PASSIVE BASS RADIATOR 2 x side-firing
  • INPUTS: Bluetooth® , 3.5mm Analog In
  • BATTERY LIF:E 8 hours
  • BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable Lithium 7.4V 2 cell 2200mAh
  • ACCESSORIES: AC power adaptor, micro USB charging cable
  • FINISH: ABS, silicone and perforated metal
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.56” (116mm) H x 5.51” (140mm) W x 2.65” (65mm) D
  • WEIGHT Speaker: 1.7 lbs (.77kg) , cable and USB charger: 1.9 lbs (.86kg)