svs sb 3000 subwoofer

SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

SVSound’s SVS 3000 series has exquisite artistry, powerful functions, and more robust parameter performance. The new 3000 series, whether it is PB3000 or SB3000, has the smart low-frequency management that SVS has on the flagship model and a new higher-power amplifier. This time I will share with you SVS SB-3000 subwoofer.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer

Global Bass Brand

The full name of SVS is SVSound, which is a well-known subwoofer brand in the United States. Speaking of home theater subwoofers, North American brands are the mainstream. The most important thing is the exquisite sense of power and super shocking low frequency in the movie. Strong dive performance and impact are the characteristics and advantages of North American subwoofers. Compared with Canadian brands’ more neutral performance, American brands show a powerful and violent style, precisely the rarest feature of home theater subwoofers.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer feature image

The SVS brand is currently known worldwide. The company was founded in 1998 by a group of professional enthusiasts who are incredibly enthusiastic about bass in Youngstown, Ohio, USA. The original SVS was not as successful as it is now, but SVS has sold well in the United States and abroad after years of good management. Larger scale and funds allow SVS to design better subwoofers. With more and more advanced production technology, high-end driver technology and Class D amplifier technology, and the appearance design and intelligent operation experience that a global brand of subwoofer should have, the creation of SVS is becoming more and more international. Also, in the effort to reduce costs, to bring more cost-effective subwoofer to global audiophiles.

Brand New Hardware

Let’s go over the specs. The SP 3000 is a 15-inch cube. It measures around 15.5 inches on all sides, with the 13-inch driver sitting in the middle. It comes in the typical home theater black ash finish or a shiny black piano glass. It’s powered by an 800 watts RMS amplifier, which can deliver up to 2,500 watts of max power for times when things get really out of hand. It has a frequency response of 18 to 270 Hertz plus or minus 3 DB and weighs in at about 55 pounds. Most of the weight is in the amp and the driver assembly.

The SVS 3000 series of units are further optimized, allowing the 13-inch driver to achieve a long stroke range close to that of the flagship 16-inch unit. SVS SB 3000 is also from the Sledge STA Class D amplifier platform newly developed by SVS. The SB-3000 power amplifier model is Sledge STA-800D2, which uses a separate MOSFET field effect tube to maximize current output. In this way, even if the new 13-inch unit has a longer stroke, there is no need to worry about the power amplifier being out of control.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer circuit amplifier

In the unit’s other structure, to achieve long stroke and high current endurance, the SVS SB 3000 unit uses two large-size ferrites to obtain more potent magnetic force while effectively controlling the subwoofer’s key heat dissipation issues.

In the basin frame, SVS has put a lot of costs. For many mid-end products that are still using iron pots, SVS has already used aluminum pots, which are lighter, stronger, and have better heat dissipation performance.

The wires from the power amplifier board output to the unit are also crucial. SVS uses four 24-core silver-plated high-temperature resistant cables for connection, which effectively reduces the transmission’s impedance.

When purchasing a subwoofer, power is an essential fundamental parameter that cannot be avoided. This large-size speaker uses a large, strong magnet with a low impedance conductive coil to drive the cone. It is challenging to control such a large speaker, especially in the case of a sealed cabinet. So the power of the subwoofer must keep up. The dynamic 2500 watts may seem scary, but it is not an exaggeration. If you want to get a very low-frequency effect with a high sound pressure level and high dynamics, you must first look at the power and then look at other parameters.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer driver

Smart Bass Management

SVS SB3000 has digital controls on the back, which you can use to control this little beast, including volume and low-pass filter controls. You can also manage all of that wirelessly using the SBS app on your phone. In the app, you can control all the essential functions and more advanced settings like changing those performance modes, the polarity, and the parametric EQ for those who want to fine-tune the sub for their space.

So you can sit in your favourite listening position can figure this up however you like it. You can’t do what the app is order takeout, but who knows? That might be in the future update. But I think that’s one of the best things about this sub. It brings the price of entry to an app control high-performance sub to under $1000.

SB-3000 has a high-precision 50Mhz Analog Devices Audio DSP, a double-precision 56bit filter, and a very advanced low-frequency management system.

In the SVS App, you can directly control the volume of the SB-3000, the position of the crossover point, and the switch of the crossover point (30-200Hz crossover) as the attenuation slope control, which supports 6/12/18/24dB slope selection.

svs sb 3000 app

SB-3000 has a low-frequency cut, which is the room gain mode in the app, supports three low-frequency cut points of 25/31/40Hz, and provides 6/12dB slope roll-off options. This is a powerful tool for premium subwoofers. When your actual environment doesn’t need too much extremely low frequency (even seriously affecting neighbors) or the room can’t consume extremely low frequencies at all, it’s lovely to have a low-frequency cut. Choosing an appropriate cut point and slope to balance the low frequency can further release the amplifier’s driving ability to other frequencies, making the overall strength and impact better.

SVS app supports phase 0°-180° selection, and the step unit is 1°. It helps forward and reverses conversion, which is very useful when fusing curves with different main speakers. The SVSApp provides three-stage PEQ selection, which can be used with other instruments to pick up and correct. There are also some convenient and thoughtful settings, such as preset modes and display brightness, off time, etc.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer unit

The last function is the preset mode. The SB3000 has four built-in presets, which are movie, music, custom, and default. Tested separately, the frequency response of the other modes is basically the same. Only the music mode has an average increase of 3db between 50-90hz. The role of this frequency band when listening to music is to make the drumbeat better. If you don’t know which mode you should use, MOVIE is OK. It should be noted that after switching the way, other related settings, PEQ, etc., will also change. If you want to continue using it, you have to reset it.

In general, having such an app is so convenient to manage, and the low-frequency management level is exceptionally high!

Sound Performance

In terms of the movie experience, the SB-3000 has a lightness that is rarely seen in SVS. In the past, SVS was a strong and deep bass. This time the SB-3000 can show some subtle details in the music. Of course, this is also based on its product price positioning. Of course, the high-end model will be more potent, but it is rare for the SB-3000 to have such a subtle feeling. The overall experience maintains a low-frequency texture, while the sense of volume and dive can be done well. The overall SB-3000 is very balanced and has no apparent biased style. This is also the advantage of the SVS SB series.

svs sb 3000 subwoofer

In the hostage rescue section of “Seal Team,” the low-frequency explosive power of the commando’s sniper rifle was quite shocking. After the restoration of the SVS SB-3000, the low-frequency impact that appeared in the movie was completely reproduced in the room. The performance of the SB-3000 in all aspects is very balanced. In particular, it has a steady sound bottom. In addition to the powerful impact of the sniper rifle, every step taken by the commandos in the running is very solid, as if they were running by my side. In the Transformers movie series, in addition to the low-frequency resonance generated by the ground when heavy metal is in contact with the ground, the friction sound of a hard object collision at the moment of colliding is also clearly audible. With the SB-3000 subwoofer’s energy, even if you close your eyes, you can still feel the low frequency with a metallic luster, and the level transition is very natural.


SVS SB 3000 subwoofer, small size, and significant energy. The output of 800 watts of power/2500 watts of peak power is one of the best among 13-inch subwoofer products and is catching up with many flagship products of the same industry. Make it easy to deal with large spaces, even in a compact size, with surging power.

Of course, it is not only its power that makes it win the unanimous favor of professional players and media reviewers worldwide. It is the first subwoofer of the same size to add rich DSP functions that were only available in top high-end products.

SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer Specs

  • Premium Black Ash and Piano Gloss Black finish options
  • Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille
  • Front-firing 13 inch high-excursion SVS driver
  • Rear-mounted amplifier with Intelligent Control Interface(ICI)
  • Screw-in rubber feet
  • Robust Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinet construction
  • Dimensions (w/ grille): 15.6” (397mm) H X 15.2” (385mm) W X 17.8” (451mm) D
  • Dimensions (without grille): 15.6” (397mm) H X 15.2” (385mm) W X 15.7” (399mm) D
  • Shipped Dimensions: 23.7” (603mm) H 20.7” (527mm) W X 20.9” (530mm) D
  • Weight (unboxed): 54.5 lbs. (24.7 kg)
  • Shipped Weight: 63.6lbs (28.9kg)

Driver Specs

  • All New Proprietary 13” high-excursion SVS 3000 Series Subwoofer Driver.
  • SVS first flat edge wound split-wind voice coil provides maximum magnetics at high excursion while reducing mass and improving overall driver efficiency. Built around a premium grade 2” polyimide impregnated fiberglass former for maximum thermal conductivity.
  • Two massive, dedicated toroidal ferrite magnets generate unparalleled levels of magnetic force to drive the highest levels of excursion, SPL, and start/go power for the deepest and most authoritative bass possible.
  • All-new High density FEA-optimized cast aluminum basket provides unequaled levels of rigidity, tensile strength, and energy transference available from a subwoofer.
  • Four balanced 24-strand silver plated Litz wire high temperature leads woven through the 6.5” 2-ply Nomex composite spider provide a pristine electrical connection from the amplifier to the voice coil.
  • All new 13” 1050 Aluminum vented cone ensures a light, rigid, and neutral radiating surface.
  • Precision machined motor elements and narrow tolerance suspension parts produce unmatched linearity at full excursion for exceptionally tight and fast output, even at reference volumes.
  • Extreme oversized low carbon vented 1008 steel U-yoke and top plate provide superior cooling and improved magnetics for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • 6063 Aluminum shorting sleeve reduces gap induction and distortion, enhances thermal conductivity, and improve magnetic linearity.
  • Nickel-plated high-tension spring terminals.
  • Proprietary injection molded gasket and SBR extreme-excursion surround maintains ideal pistonic motion for pinpoint accuracy and control.

Amplifier Specs

  • Massively powerful Sledge 800-watt continuous Class D design with 2,500+ watts of Peak Power.
  • High efficiency cool-running Class-D switching topology with massive 25 Amp 600 Volt MOSFET’s result in lower EMI and highest efficiency while providing effortless power to produce SPLs and low frequency output with pristine clarity well beyond reference listening levels.
  • High resolution 50Mhz Analog Devices Audio DSP with double precision 56bit filtering is the most advanced subwoofer processor available for perfect audio reproduction.
  • Unmatched intelligence from user adjustable low pass, phase, polarity and room gain compensation with three parametric EQs for absolute best alignment with speakers and optimized performance in any room.
  • Groundbreaking SVS Bluetooth DSP control app for iOS and Android devices with three user presets allow custom tuning for every room and system.
  • RCA stereo input/output with ultra-wide input voltage for consumer and professional audio applications.
  • All new rear panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) user interface with bright back-lit controls.
  • Auto/On and 3-12V AC/DC trigger for Maximum Installation Convenience.
  • Input impedance 16kohm (unbalanced RCA).
  • Green 0.5-watt low standby power consumption.
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free construction, world-wide safety certifications.

SVS App Specs

  • The most powerful and flexible Bluetooth controlled subwoofer DSP app, works with both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Easiest and most convenient way to adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and all other bass management functions.
  • Three convenient custom presets allow for perfect tuning in any room or system, from your favorite seat.
  • Single tap adjustment for controlling variable port tuning with standard, extended and sealed modes.
  • Unique bidirectional feedback shows adjustments in real time on both app and subwoofer interface.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorial provides clear guidance for all functions.