Klipsch Cinema 600 tweeter horn

Klipsch Cinema 600 Review

Klipsch Soundbar has always been the best choice for consumers to build home theaters because their products are easy to use, and the sound is the same as Klipsch horn speakers, which can present powerful sound effects. If you don’t have the space to set up a multi-channel system in your home, Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar is the best choice for you to buy now.

Klipsch cinema

Klipsch Cinema 600 3.1 soundbar has a powerful theater sound effect and can be used with App. More importantly, it can wirelessly connect to Klipsch’s exclusive surround channels, surround 3, presenting a real 5.1-channel effect, creating a stunning listening experience that most soundbar does not have.

Nowadays, people’s requirements for the performance of home theater systems are getting higher and higher. Therefore, even the soundbar will be hoped that the sound quality can be comparable to that of a movie theater.

In addition to the precise positioning of the sound, the sense of space in the sound field must also be large. The most important thing for watching movies is the surround sound effects and hope to reach the effect created by real surround speakers.

Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar

Judging from the current product technology trends on the market, many manufacturers will strengthen the soundbar’s DSP processing technology through the virtual operation of digital audio so that the soundbar can achieve an effect comparable to the real theater in the sense of sound field space and surround sound.

But no matter what, whether the technology soundbar uses, the surround effect is always not that kind of like a typical theater. So for a system that does not have real surround speakers installed in the home but hoping to have the same quality, you should consider Klipsch’s latest Cinema 600 5.1 in the recent Soundbar market!

Klipsch Cinema 600 5.1 soundbar

The Cinema 600 series is a member of Klipsch’s latest Cinema series, and it is also one of the most high-end models. The model is divided into two packages at the time of sale. One is a standard version of 3.1 channels with a wireless subwoofer, and the other is a Cinema 600 5.1 with a pair of Surround 3 wireless surround speakers. For customers who pursue listening quality, a sound Cinema 600 5.1 is naturally the ideal choice.


Several vital designs of the Klipsch Cinema series Surround are made of wood cabinets and incorporate the Klipsch signature Tractrix Horn tweeter design, which significantly contributes to the texture and diffusion of the sound.

The Cinema 600 soundbar is in such a routine. With a larger volume than the Cinema 400, it is equipped with more monomers and a wireless subwoofer with a larger woofer size. As a result, it has a stronger ability for bigger space. Moreover, it is a Soundbar that can cope with medium and large audiovisual environments.

Cinema 600 subwoofer

The design of the Cinema 600 5.1 soundbar body is a three-way design, including three Tractrix Horn 1-inch horn tweeters. The opening angle of the single unit is 90°×90°. The frame uses unique Kapton material, presenting a solid and lightweight. The characteristic allows the tweeter to reduce the sound interference caused by vibration, showing an ideal sound wave diffusion angle and sound efficiency.

The mid-and low-frequency sound range is handled by four 3-inch woofers made of composite fiber material as the mid-bass unit, presenting a solid and full mid-range sound. That provides you with a clear and direct-sounding experience when watching movies.

Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar 3.1

The matching subwoofer is also the highest quality in the Cinema series. It is equipped with a 10-inch woofer, which can restore movie sound effects and music low-frequency audio reproduction through a considerable sense of volume and full impact. With a total output power of 600W, the overall configuration is solid and complete, providing a full-band balanced theater sound with low-frequency power.

The Surround 3

Klipsch Cinema 600, like the previous Klipsch Bar 48, can be combined with surround speakers to form a 3.1-channel soundbar and subwoofer to form a complete 5.1-channel system.

Cinema 600 5.1 sourround sound system

The surround channel is Surround 3. This small satellite speaker uses a wooden cabinet like the Cinema 600 soundbar. It uses a 3-inch full-range unit as the driver. After wirelessly pairing with the Cinema 600, it can automatically use Dolby Digital, and DTS 5.1 decoding is used for sound production. The setup also supports the use of tripods and wall mounts, and the usage is quite flexible.

Simple to use and easy to install have always been the characteristics of Klipsch’s digital audio products, and the Cinema 600 also adapts this design principle. Its io interfaces are pretty straightforward, with HDMI, analog/digital audio input. The HDMI also has an ARC function. So you can easily connect to the TV through an HDMI cable and play the TV’s sound.

In addition to connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth, the most significant feature of this machine is that it can be used with Klipsch Connect App via Bluetooth, just like Klipsch true wireless headphones, allowing you to equalize the sound performance further.

Klipsch Cinema 600 bluetooth

Cinema 600 is easy to use due to its highly convenient installation method. I paired the 65-inch TV with HDMI. The Cinema 600 quickly turned my room into a home theater with a complete sense of sound.

What do I hear? First of all, this Soundbar system can present direct and impactful sound effects. When watching a movie, the actors’ dialogue, actresses can give out a strong sense of sound entity. The vocal also has a reasonably clear image when listening to music.

Klipsch Cinema 600 input

Sound Performance

Because the soundbar has a length close to 1.2 meters, four mid-woofers, and three LTS tweeters with 90 * 90 degrees, Tractrix compression drivers are lined up, allowing Cinema 600 to create a very open sound field effect.

Music can be presented in a listening environment full of space, and it feels like it is paired with a multi-channel speaker. When you turn on the surround mode, the digitally processed sound will become more open, and you can feel the surround sound coming to the side.

Cinema 600 5.1

Like Cinema 400, when Cinema 600 turns on the surround mode, the sound positioning of the movie will not be out of focus. Even in the battle scenes with complex sound details, different sound positions can still be heard clearly.

Based on the above performance, the powerful low-frequency sound energy brought by the 10-inch subwoofer of the Cinema 600 also lays the foundation for the strength of this soundbar. This system has a majestic low-frequency sense, which can make the sound very open space more vivid. Whether I am watching action movies, sports events, or listening to live concerts, it can make the sound more scenery.

In addition, you can also use the App to equalize the effects of each frequency range and set your favorite sound through fine-tuning. This open fine-tuning function is not standard in the soundbar at this price. This is also the Cinema 600’s major feature in function.

Watching the Dolby Atmos version of the “Transformers” movie clip. In this chaotic scene, machinery, collisions, and explosions bring turbulent bass sound waves. The low-frequency dive is full, and there is a clear sense of layers. Coupled with the virtual surround technology, it can almost accurately distinguish the direction of each sound from all directions to the ears, and the envelopment is strong.

Klipsch Cinema 600 Review

Since Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar provides a game mode, I also have tried the masterpiece “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. After the game mode is turned on, the low and high-frequency sounds of the battle scene have additional highlights. In addition, this game has a lot of dialogue scenes and environmental sounds. With the support of surround sound effects, it creates a good sound atmosphere, allowing players to be more involved in the game situation.

Let’s take a look at the sound quality of cinema 600 for music. The drum sound of the music shows the good low frequency of cinema 600. The singer’s graceful, sweet and delicate, and unique timbre are also perfectly embodied. Listening to the song with your eyes closed, you can feel the singer singing in front of you. The climax of the song fully demonstrates cinema 600’s600’s display of high-pitched details.


Of course, don’t forget that Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar can also be combined with Cinema 600 5.1 through surround channels. With the support of physical surround channels, this system can present a more comprehensive sound quality.

Overall, Cinema 600 5.1 surround soundbar system can be said to be one of the soundbars with the highest value on the market nowadays. That is because its theater sound effects have a full range of performance and can be used with APP for convenience. Therefore, it is the best choice for purchase.

Klipsch Cinema 600 Specs

  • SPEAKER SYSTEM: 45” 3.1 soundbar with 10” wireless subwoofer
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVERS: (3) 1” (25.4mm) soft dome tweeters mated to Tractrix® horns
  • MIDRANGE: (4) 3” (76.2mm) high output oval fiber composite cone woofers
  • SUBWOOFER: 10” (254 mm) wireless ported subwoofer
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bar: Wood • Subwoofer: Wood
  • INPUTS: HDMI-ARC • Bluetooth® • 3.5mm Analog • Optical Digital
  • OUTPUTS: Subwoofer (RCA) Output
  • DIMENSIONS (BAR): 45” (114.3cm) W x 2 7/8” (7.3cm) H x 3 3/8 (8.6cm) D
  • DIMENSIONS (SUBWOOFER): 14 1/4” (36cm) W x 18 1/2” (47cm) H x 14 1/2” (37cm) D
  • FINISH: Black
  • VOLTAGE: 100-240V 50/60Hz internal power supply
  • WEIGHT: 30.8 lbs (13.97 kg)