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Magico A5 Review

For a long time, it was common practice to construct speaker bodies out of wood, but due to complicated processing, high production costs, and challenging sound tuning processes, materials such as slate, carbon fiber, and metal have become selling points of high-end speakers. Because these are often composed of special materials, their products will often grab the attention of enthusiasts, and every new product will also attract the attention of everyone.

One of the brands that use aluminum alloy materials to build cabinets is Magico from the United States. It can be based in the Hi-End world since it possesses both high-tech metalworking cabinet technology and great speaker production technology. In addition, modern measuring and sound calibration technology are used. Magico A5 will be introduced in this post.

A5 - Magico Loudspeakers

Magico has used powerful computer software in every part of its speaker products since its inception in 1996, including sophisticated computer machine tool processing, dedicated 3D software-aided design, precise computer laser measurement, and thorough computer analytical aspects.

Device pairing and professional sound testing software, among other things, enable Magico products to achieve near-perfect completion and comprehensive and accurate sound performance.

Because Magico is a Hi-End brand, its M, Q, and S series have always been popular among the top and high-end aficionados. The entry-level A series, which debuted in the last two years, is clearly aimed at the general public.

In other words, despite being Magico’s entry-level series, the A series is already a Hi-End threshold product. There are no compromises in terms of product design, materials, craftsmanship, or sound performance. Since the launch of the backbone model A3 in 2019, it has gained broad attention, and it has since continued to launch the smallest A1 bookshelf box. Magico will continue to launch the series’ flagship model, the Magico A5, in 2020.

Magico A5 loudspeaker


The Magico A5 floor standing speaker is built using a closed box structure. The box shape is conventional and elegant, exuding a basic and energetic vibe. The entire box is made of 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum with a black anodized surface.

Internal vibration is reduced by reinforcing the stiffener structure. In other words, the A5’s material, structure, and processing procedures are identical to those of Magico’s higher-end Q series, reflecting Magico’s demanding and rigorous creation of its products.

Magico A5 is a three-way five-unit structure in terms of unit configuration. The tweeter on the A5 is a 28mm unit with a neodymium magnet motor and a beryllium diaphragm. To prevent distortion and noise pollution, the designer included a damping back cavity and effective magnetic material to this unit’s magnetic system, which is quite good. Efficiency and control capabilities have been improved, as have linear indicators.

Magico A5 speaker

Magico A5 ‘s midrange unit is a 5-inch caliber unit. Although it is smaller than the A3 6-inch caliber and uses the same unit technology designation, it is made of better materials and has more optimized technology. Graphene Nano-Tech is the name given to this technology.

Its vibrating cone is a sandwich structure bonding design, with graphene as the innermost layer, carbon fiber as the upper and lower two layers, and aluminum as the middle layer. This structure’s oscillating cone is in While considerably boosting rigidity, it also successfully reduces its own weight, improves the unit’s sensation of speed, and reduces basin distortion.

Furthermore, the suspension of the A5 midrange unit has been revised. The adoption of a new foam folding ring contributes to the optimum integration of the cone and the folding ring, which decreases distortion while allowing for faster transient capabilities.

Magico A5 speaker review

Furthermore, the Magico A5’s midrange unit employs a brand-new pure titanium voice coil in conjunction with a stable magnetic field design and a special pure copper pole cap to eliminate sound eddy current interference and improve sound reproduction authenticity. Spread effectiveness.

To reduce interference from bass sound waves on the midrange unit, the A5 midrange unit is separated in a cavity space separately to avoid crosstalk to the fullest extent possible.

A5 employs three identical 9-inch woofers. The woofer cone also features a Graphene Nano-Tech sandwich structure, a high-rigidity lightweight cone, a foam folding ring, and a 5 Inch titanium voice coil.
Of course, it has a reliable and high-quality neodymium magnet drive mechanism to provide perfect consistency of sound texture, tone, and speed between the mid-woofer and woofer.

The curvature and general contour of the surface of the Magico A5 midrange and woofer units are measured and molded by laser to acquire the best airflow energy for the movement of the unit diaphragm and minimize eddy current distortion.

Magico A5 review

To make the greatest use of the A5’s sound qualities, the designer re-optimized the crossover design, employing Magico’s unique Elliptical Symmetry crossover and German Mundorf components such as the new audiophile M-Resist Ultra super tin foil resistors, among other things.

Sound Performance

Listening to the Magico A5 speakers provides me a direct impression, whether it’s timbre, sound quality, or dynamic performance, all of which have great qualities and standards.

Despite the fact that the Magico A5 features a beryllium tweeter, the sound is not as crisp, but rather has a fine, transparent, luminous texture and a deep moistness.

I paid close attention to a few violin performances in particular. A5’s tone reflects an elegant and lovely temperament. The melodic sense is slim and unhurried, as is the sound bottom, which is pure and untouched.

The coherence is harmonious and natural, and it preserves the violin’s characteristic vibrant air impression. The string sound is fine and transparent, the texture is solid and lengthy, and there is no sharp or blunt discomfort, only a vibrant richness.

Magico A5 Loudspeaker review

Simultaneously, adjustments in bow and string strength, fingertip minutiae, and microdynamics are obvious and radiate a touch of luxury.

Aside from the fascinating violin replay, the Magico A5 speaker is also ideal for piano restoration. When I’m performing piano music, I can readily hear the A5’s clean, gritty, and analytical tone. The elastic notes provide the piano we’re listening to a three-dimensional effect.

The performance’s lightness and weight are nicely reflected, and the sound quality is crystal clear and full. Simultaneously, the low-frequency explosion in the piano cavity is not only deep and full of energy, but the after-rhyme control is proper, demonstrating the beauty of rhythm.

I’ve heard several Magico high-end series speakers, and their mid-range performance impressed me. Despite being an entry-level model, the A5’s midrange unit design and materials are not compromised. Its advanced graphene carbon fiber, aluminum honeycomb sandwich cone, and the most recent foam hemming, along with an independent cabinet construction, make Magico A5 tower speaker stand out. It conveys the most direct sense of reality and sound compactness, as well as a sense of elegant lines.

Because of the A5’s good mid-frequency structure and accurate sound imaging, it can not only present the voice characteristics of the singer’s voice but also more easily restore the mouth-shaped imaging and high sense of three-dimensionality when listening to vocal singing.

Magico A5 Loudspeaker image

Listening to the male voice sing, the singing voice is extremely real and pleasant, the human voice is transparent and full, and the voice is both seductive and sturdy. This type of unadorned tone radiates a sympathetic authenticity.

Listening to the female voice, A5’s interpretation of the female voice is sweet and delicate, the singing voice is clear, the details are rich and natural, the mouth shape is correct and three-dimensional, and the height ratio is exactly right.

The Magico A5 floor standing speaker still has the great image and clear midrange frequency of Magico’s high-end models. Not only is the singer’s mouth size proportional, but so is the shape’s height and the impression of layering between the bands.

The A5, as Magico’s flagship A series, is not very tall, but it is outfitted with three 9-inch woofers that enhance its low-frequency dynamics and energy bursts beyond comprehension. Although there is plenty of room for on-site auditions, the A5 still provides appropriate sound effects to the audience based on its overall performance. If the A5 is positioned in a space of 25-40 square meters, its sonic quality and low-frequency kinetic energy are just fantastic in my opinion.

For a long time, airtight speakers have had greater power amplifier requirements. Aside from strong sound quality, the drive capabilities must be adequate, and low-frequency regulation is required. In other words, there are still some prerequisites for configuring the A5’s power amplifier. The better the sound performance of the Magico A5 floor-standing speaker, the higher the quality of the front end.

Magico A5 Loudspeaker

As an airtight floor speaker with a closed design, I believe the A5 creates a really good stage feel. As long as adequate ambient space and positioning are provided, the A5 can restore a very excellent sound field experience.

Although the on-site space setting is not ideal, the A5 is excellently shown thanks to the meticulous modification and positioning of the company technicians. For example, in a live audition of MMG Faberman’s all-star percussion performance of the famous version of “Percussion Carmen,” the stage created by A5 is neat and balanced, the scene is wide and natural, neither overly publicized nor compressed, but very Opened up slightly outside the two boxes in an orderly manner.

Simultaneously, the Magico A5 divides the bands in a clear and orderly hierarchy, the scene is steady and calm, the musicians are organized in an orderly manner, the field sense is clear and true, the percussionists explain clearly, the rhythm is orderly, and the transition between percussion instruments is smooth and rich. vigor.

Even if the volume is purposefully turned up, the A5 will not become cluttered or out of control. The stage shape is obvious and dynamic, as well as deep and expansive. The lines of various instrumental music are kept clear, ranging from light to heavy, high to low, all while remaining fresh and lively. It is sturdy and stable, with satisfactory sound quality, sound effects, hall sounds, and musicality.


Magico’s A5 is the company’s entry-level flagship speaker. Its technology and materials are inherited from higher-level series, but the price is significantly lower, making it an excellent value-for-money task.

The sound is true and accurate, the sound quality is delicate and lovely, the tone is dense and condensed, the speed is agile, the low frequency is rapid and powerful, the sound field is tidy and orderly, and the level is scattered after the live audition. Hi-End speaker quality as a whole.

If you’ve always been a fan of Magico’s products, the Magico A5 launch is your best bet this time.